Short Film: Final Outpost


Hello all, I’m new to this board so I hope I follow all the right rules and get my goal across at the same time.

First off, I’m a writer and a wannabe 3D artist. Basically, that translates into I’m a writer who has very little 3D artist ability.

I’m looking for help (ie: full graphic support) in developing a short sci-fi script I wrote into a CGI film. The film will be about 10 minutes long and I hope to enter it into short film contests.

I wrote the script with a short, simple CGI theme in mind and purposely kept the number of characters, backgrounds, and camera angles to a minimum.

So if you’re interested in helping me bring this idea to life please let me know. I’ll give you all the details including a copy of the script and some conceptual art ideas. Being a writer, I can explain what I want, I just can’t put it in graphic form!

Also, if I’m breaking any of the covenants let me know so I can remedy that as well. I’m hoping this project really takes flight soon and hope there are plenty of people interested.



Hi, I’m new to the forum as well. I’d definately be interested in possible concept work and or doing up some storyboards for ya if you need some one.

All the best,



Just a quick update to tell new readers that tdaniels and Benman have joined up to help with the art and graphics. Still plenty of openings if anyone is game, but progress is happening and conceptual art will be posted here soon!

I’m so excited I found this site and the users are being so helpful so quickly. I just love it!

Thanks to all.


hehe no problem at all :smiley:


All right guys, here’s the first batch of head shot sketches (main characters). Let me know if I’m close.

KCDragon - Once approved I’ll do the turn-arounds and send them off. Let me know what I need to fix.

update 30OCT04 - Just added a concept of the helmets. 30OCT04

update 31OCT04 - Just added a colored weapon concept. Let me know what y’all think?




Nice concepts, although I have one thing to say about the weapon, is that thing that sticks out at the left of the gun, the barrel where the lasers exit? If it is, I’d do it different, it may look more like a usual gun, but it would be more realistic. The barrel of a gun always goes from the one end of the weapon, to almost the other end, this to speed up the bullet(laser here;). And because it’s different in your concept I’m having trouble believing it. Also, if you make new weapons, or redesign it, I’d go with the style that you used for the helmets. I hope you understand me, and the face and helmet look great btw. :slight_smile:

Now I’ve been thinking about how I’d do the landscape in the meantime, I’d go with the redish earth(like Mars) scattered with some rocks, like KCDragon suggested. The sky I’d give black clouds with only bit of light coming through. For the wall I’d go with statues that stond in a row, and holding each other hands, like a chain, and between them the wals itself. The statues I’d give a look like the statues from easter island, which would give a nice contrast with your design of the helmets(and space suits I guess?).


The_Observer, thanks for the kind words.

I’m digging the description you gave on the planet/theme. I’ll take for act, thanks.

On the weapon, I’m assuming you’re talking about the Surefire “flashlight” on the bottom left? If not, do you mind pointing me in the right direction? I thought I did extend the barrel from the stock to the front sights.

Thanks again for your help.

All the best,



tdaniels, great beginnings man, thanks for getting them up. The weapon is great, but I’m not sure about the flashlight. I’m thinking they can compact it down to a more directed beam with just as much illumination.
Headshots are great!
The helmet looks like what I was picturing except for the neck connection, it looks a little thin to connect to a suit, but you may know what it’s going to look like all connected so take that for what it’s worth.
Thanks and keep it coming!


Ah, I was a bit confused there. I didn’t know for sure if it was a flashlight or other add-on, but if it’s a flashlight, then it’s ok I guess. :slight_smile:
But as KCDragon said, a compacter design is possible, also I’d stick it more to the weapon itself, cause it doesn’t look handy, sticking that out. :wink:

Btw I’m in the project too if you didn’t know yet, I’ll be handling the environment. :slight_smile:


So, take away the flashlight? No problem. Also, since you like the head-shots, can I start the turn-arounds and send them on to the modeler?

For the battle suits, I was thinking of an enclosed futuristic type lycra suit with body armor placed over that? I’ll send you some examples of what I’m talking about.

All the best,



The_Observer, can’t wait to see the landscape itself and will wait to see what comes out before saying too much. However, we have to be careful with the statues because the planet is desolate. But, big but here, I’m thinking you might be able to pull it together where I can explain it with a little detail or previous attempts at populating or something else like that. So go with what you’re talking about and we’ll talk about it in detail after that.
Love the progress though guys, thanks for all the help,



The_Observer, lol I had know Idea. Nice to meet ya, my name is Tom by the way. I’ll just crop off the flashlight and leave it as is. I should have some more up tonight.




Hi there The_Observer nice to meet ya :stuck_out_tongue: im the animator but im proberly going to do the characters as well.


Thanks again to all involved. Judging from the last couple of posts I need to give an update:

Team members:
tdaniels - Concept artist (everything)
benman - Animator (everything)
The_Observer - Modeler (landscape and environment)
Mitlancer - Modeler (weaponry)
KCDragon - Writer (script management)

There’re still plenty of openings available and I’m optimistic with all the activity to date.


Don’t worry KCDragon, the statues will be a part of the wall itself so it’ll barely more than what you intended. And at the moment I’m just brainstorming and trying some stuff, so I’ll see how far I’ll be able to go in my design. :slight_smile:

Btw welcome to the team Mitlancer!


jermery im an animator mate not modeler lol check my email. i’ll be doing some character modeling but im an animator mainly. :rolleyes:

and high observer :slight_smile:

allthough i suggest we get a rigger in the team as my skills arnt so extensive in that area. By the way im using maya 6.


Lol, hi all, btw my name’s Dave, well actually Davy Van Verdegem, but I’d rather be called Dave. :wink:
And I’m using Max 7.


Of course you are benman, that’s what I said - after the fact. Sorry about that :blush:

Good call on the software mentioning, though luckily most of the modern software is fairly interchangable we’ll have to settle up on something for the final renderings and animation.

Dave it is!


The_Observer, does this mean I don’t need to worry about any concepts for the enviroment? Just strictly stay with characters, vehicles and weapons?



Well, that’s up to you Tom, I can draw, but not that well, so I’d be easier if I’d have some good concepts. But I think you have already enough work with the other stuff, so if that’s the case, I can make it on my own too. :slight_smile: