Short film collaboration with me!


Hi guys, just discovered this section in the forum and I think it’s great. I’m not sure how it works or how this hole thing runs (even if I read the FAQ) But I’m taking a chance here to say that I want to make a short film in collaboration with people.

I use Maya, and want to regain my 3d skillss since i did not make 3d in the last 6 month cause I finished school and got to work so no much time left. Now my work is coming to an end and I want to fully implicate myself in a short film.

So you can contact me on MSN Messenegr at the current adress

You can also send me a e-maila t this very same adress :slight_smile:



Hey orph3on, great to see you here. If you are interested in this project I suggest you read the 6 stickies to see how you might fit in here. The stickies have all the info on how to get involved and what still needs to be done.


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