Short film: Character(female)


:slight_smile: hi again,

I have to start all over with this, so i can’t finish my other char.(i got a virus and had to delete everything :shrug: ). Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.

Anyway here’s the character i’m working on right now





Wow! I love the head - really nice proportions. Great lips too.
It looks like its nearly finished - you got any renders with the textures on?
I think the teeth need more work, but then again, theyre not gonna be on display all the time!



i still need to make all the texture. I got a base shader(which is on the hand right now) but i still need to texture everything.


Now let’s go on with the hair :bounce:


That’s really nice. Great work.


Very great as usual !!!

I think the top of the head is a little small … but everything is very cool …those lips, man!!

Good luck texturing her hopefully she will be as great as your last character (it seems to be…)


Great lips and nose - am looking forward to seeing how this one comes along. Any chance of seeing a wire ?


sure, here’s the wire

and an update(hair still needs a lot of work)


It looks Fantastic ! I have nothing bad to say !!
It’s a great model for far. I will follow this thread with anticipation


Lovely efficient mesh - you’ve captured loads of detail without using too many polys. More and more quality artists seem to be straying away from exclusively using quads. I might have to rethink the whole thing.

Am very impressed so far.


The hair looks great - is that all poly hair? Very original hairstyle too

Keep going!


i’ll rethink the whole thing also once maya’s MR plugin renders nonQuad subDivisions… shame really.
but this is a really clean mesh. i see you had animation in mind while modeling.


That looks freakin’ awesome. I love the whole thing overall. :slight_smile:


cool, the modelling is very good, continue like this.


I love the head you’ve modelled so far! The lips and nose especially! My only crit would be the fingernails on the hand. IMO they seem to be too short compared to the long, thin fingers. But that’s just a personal opinion. Overall great work so far! Keep it up! :thumbsup:


Thnx for all the comments guys.

an update.

need to finish the hair, and then i can start texturing and rendering…:smiley:



test renders for the hair. As you can see it still needs work…

I’m not to sure about the hair color.
If somebody got some suggestions for hair color, let me know and ill make a render with it…:wise:


wow thats really awsome!
the modelling is very good.
i like as the other posters, especially the lips and nose.
if she would be real i would marry her ^^


an update.

Only hair and glasses are textured. I’m working on a shader. And i’m gonna begin on the face texture…


wow …really cool work …!!!