Short film-char (part 2)


hi again:) ,

an update on my guy. The upperbody is almost ready now…

I will continu on his gun, and legs after this.

and btw, here’s his head without any cloths over it


Looking really good. Textures look nice as well.

I think the arms are too short though. At least they look a little short IMO. You may want to check that.



Excellent modeling, but his arms (especially his upper arms) are way too short. Head is a bit big too. Keep tweaking it, cos i really love the colours and the detail


This is cool and stylewise something I was gonna work on in my 3rd project. Although a very different theme.
I am interested in how you decidet to make the face look like this and if you got some inspiration from somewhere?


thnx for all the comments guys, I will check the arms(and his head).

Well for this character,… it just happend this way, Just begin modelling, and everything that i came up with, i modelled… I’m really fan of FF, naruto, DBZ and that kinda stuff, so i guess i got it a bit from that too… (though for my next characters i drew some concepts) This short film, if i’m going through with it, is gonna be somewhat like naruto…a big tournement, i already thought up a story… i just hope this is gonna work out…will see…

btw, animating this is gonna be a hell…with the belts and clothes and stuff… normaly i only model what i know i can animate. But i thought what the hell, i need to learn to animate other things someday as well… I got stich and i know how it works. But does anyone know how to animate his zipper? (how to attache all those small parts to his cloths)… And i dunno how to animate his neckless…? if someone knew this, i would love to know it…


Though I drew a concept for his gun.



changed his arms and head(size), i hope it’s correct now…


Looking good d-tox, as always! You’ve got your own style! I’m watching this thread…


Love the stlyle and the hair is great, very final fantasty !!! :thumbsup:



Man this guy looks awesome. Great style. Only crit is the spec hit on the hair… right now there is a normal roundish spec instead of something like an anisotropic hit…the hair looks real good in that shaded nontextured one…it looks like really nice dense black hair. but because that spec hit is so hot and uniform …its looking a bit plastic in the other renders. Other than that …Advent Children all the way…the texture on that jacket is so freakin bad ass…good stuff definately gonna be watching this thread…I wanna see more of you work…waiting for you to get a site up :bounce:


wow that looks cool. You are using max and scanline for rendering right?
If so could you please tell us a bit about the lightning setup and how you did the metal shader(on his arms for example) I have been using vray for a long time but now i want to try to render with standard max scanline. So please share :wink:
Again, great model. Very inspiring.


yes it’s with default scanline renderer, about 6 sec’s to render(max 5). I don’t have a metal shader, i still need to make a couple of texture’s, one of them is the metal, lol. Now it’s just a standaard material, grey/blackisch, with lots of spectacular.

lighting setup

thnx for all the comments


There is something still wrong with the scale on the arms. I think I know what it is now, with this latest update. The hands are HUGE compared to the arms and body. Check that and you will be back on track.
Nice work man!



nice hair and textures man


well a concept for a new characer, i dunno for sure if i’m gonna use it though…

(my first PS concept, just so you know :shrug: , it gives you the general idea i hope)


his gun, wip ofcourse


Very good job !!

Your charac have a really cool style .
Have you find any solution for the animating thing ?


On the gun the bottom of the magazine should show. The bayonet design doesn’t look practical. It shouldn’t be connected to the trigger guard. The ejection port is on the left, but most guns have the ejection port on the right side. The front sight should be closer to the tip of the barrel. Also the slide lock, hammer, and saftey are missing.


That’s one of the reasons i called this wip :rolleyes: . I finished it actually, but…
very sadly my computer gave up. I got some virus or something, and i had to reinstall windows. So whit that i lost all my files… so i can’t continue this…:shrug:

Though i will go on with this project, i just have to start over again…(character won’t be the same, i’m drawing some concepts right now, un like with this char)… Well i hope to see y’all in my next thread then…



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