Short Film: AgainstAnother


 note # i made this post made like 4/5 times already hope now will not be any problems#
 Hello I'm Alex Barbulescu From AganistAnother Project [](
 This is a short movie made after Big Buck Bunny Made By Blender and now will be moved from blender to maya.

[li]Team[/li][/ul]The Team is made by artists over net. From all places. The curent team is not stable , because it can change week to week , new members , other are resigning , and so on.

[li]Story[/li][/ul]Plot Outline
[li]One Squirrel and one bird that fights one another .[/li][li] This Story is about living in a place with other people . If you see of your business nothing[/li][li] will happen but if you are trying to setup traps to get rid of the others , and be mean all the things will turn against you.[/li][/ul]
[left]Story [/left]

[li]The Story will be based of the BBB movie , the squirrel is posesive , and wants to get rid off all other animals from the forest by makeing traps to get rid of his first arch enemy , The Bird , That doesn’t care about what the squirrel think and get on with his daily life.[/li][/ul] Characters
[li]Squirrel[/li][li]The Bird[/li][li]The Archer Fish[/li][li]3 Pigeons[/li][/ul]
[li]Goals[/li][/ul]Our goals with Against Another Project are :

[li]making a nice short animation that people enjoy[/li][li]adding something very nice to our portofolio[/li][li]trying to get our names known in the industry[/li][li]trying to make a small company doing short animations[/li][/ul]We olso want after finishing the Short Animation to go to events Like :

[li]Siggraph 2010[/li][li]Animadrid 2010[/li][li]and other like this[/li][/ul]more at

 If any of you read this and want to join the project , send a mail at [email=""][/email] , leave a reply here or send me a PM
 Were looking for Modelers , Textures Artist , And Experience Animators :)


our first sketch for storyboard , More updates in time…


I love the style of your storyboard, man!:slight_smile:


new sketch


Looking very nice we have a crew of a few people in our company we can all come together and help each other out if you want. At the moment we are running out of computer power for our shorts, if you have high end computer power we can model and animate this if you can find a render output? We would be willing to collab with you.



Yeah it’s very nice to talk to other teams
we already are in touch with Devils, Angels & Dating so yeah it will be nice …

but about the rendering … we don’t have curently a way to render our short , were hoping to find a render farm , but no luck till now , and we don’t have so many powerfull computers

but if we find a way i will let you know … i will pm my contacts to talk


Guys we realy need a texture guy talk to friends maybe we will find someone that is reay good at this, if anyone wants to join us send a mail at , thanks for the help



ok so we stoped recuting


As a last count in the project we need more guys

1 animator … experience
1 artwork guy

if you want to join send a mail at or leave a message here.

You may ask why . at the begining our guys done the 2d part , but now after 2 weeks we didn’t got anything , an by now we should atleast finish the storyboard for 1st scene … and still nothing

1 animator ? same thing …inactivity


Update tree

1080p version here


pic link’s broken, it seems…


the images are on , check the blog for a small preview


i’ll jump into the waterfall as soon as possible, and the tree looks good.

i think it’s better to discuss our progress here, coz i think it’s easier to get here, and you can transfer useful information to the blog. i might be get hotter if we talk more in this thread.
things will get better!

PS it’s nice if you can give me some photographed references, the artwork is a little bit blurry for better understanding. the method may vary due to different direction of final result, you know, some waterfall can be foggy, like smoke billowing down the hill, or something like hard flashy massive water drops, or even falls clear enough to see through. that’s it!


decided to pump up the logo a bit … what you guys think? it’s half done

HD 1080p

Those who can’t view the picture go to the blog , the image there is uploaded on the host (only the small one) , link below.


Guys were still looking for 2d artists , they come and leave ,so the place is free, if anyone interested details on the 1st post .


Looking for advance rigger for the project anyone interested?

contact :


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