Short Film 3d Artists wanted


Hi I’m Max,
In 2012, my friend and I wrote and shot a short film call Joyride.
It’s a comedy based on two geeks who on the way home from the pub witness what they thought was a meteor crash, only to find out it was an empty alien spaceship. They decide against all wisdom to take it for a Joyride. Script available upon request.
Since filming the project has been stuck in post-production hell (thanks to me biting off more than I could chew when it comes to 3d) and I just would love to get it finished and get onto the festival scene.

I’m looking for anyone to help me realize my basic interpretation on the Hero ship plus with other scenes. It’s modeled basically but I am stuck when it comes to retop, uv mapping and texturing. Plus adding normal maps detailing that would push it into full production quality 3d.
Looking to render in Octane using either 3dsmax or Cinema4d.

The Joyrider
The Ship is comprised of parts I found off models on the internet. The film is a heavy homage to sci-fi and references it a lot, so the space ship reflects that. There a Star Trek Enterprise engines parts from a Firefly model, even bits from a public domain ed-209. But the hull and wings are my creation, and whilst they convey the look, they are not serviceable for render or texturing.

The Joyrider

If you are interested at all or think you might be able to point me in the direction of someone who might, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks in advance.