Short Animation "ALARM"


Hi~ I’ m Moo-hyun Jang, a director of independent animation team, MESAI
Let me introduce the second short animation film, ALARM.
This is produced for Festival admission and a test.
[font=Verdana]Hope you like! Creator : Moo-hyun Jang / Jung-woo Choo[/font]

YOUTUBE HD LINK (1280x720) > Streaming low HD Quality

DOWNLOAD 01 (1280x720)> Best HD Quality [font=Gulim,AppleGothic,sans-serif](Bug fixed Final Version)[/font]

Maya / Cyflex / Mentalray for Maya / Shake

Moohyun-Jang E-mail :


this is amazing work.

the rendering is amazing, along with the animation.

everyone, go see it!


great short! nice framing, pacing, animation, story telling, rendering! visual eye candy! teh alarm got annoying but i guess that’s the idea… :smiley: great job! 5 * :thumbsup:

i mean… i love it. :smiley:


Great work guys! Animation was perfect and I thought the lighting/shading was really superb. A really nice effort by your studio!


great work man

awesome animation ,awesome lighting

could you tell us more about the software used- renderer - lighting setup


great short guys. i really enjoyed it. animation and rendering-top class. great plot. finaly something original. i was only kinda confused about the age of the character, in the beginning it looked like hes a boy >16 of age or something.

absolut milk ftw - that was hilarious :slight_smile:


i love how the character blended in the photoreal environment. amazing!


Thank you for enjoying my film.
And I have been enjoying and influenced your works.
Also I missed the character that looks younger than his age.

to. omar3d
All works in Maya , Render : Mentalray , Composite is Shake


Instant classic. Great work, enjoyed watching it.


:eek: 5 Stars and I mean It!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Render+Modeling+Animation+Compositing= believe me you are better than Pixar !!!


I’d be happy to see this one again at Siggraph


my girlfriend and i loved it :slight_smile:
Best luck on the contest.


its not that big deal. its a really great character (especialy the hypnotizing hair .)
although a messy facial hair would set his look acordingly to his age. but hey thats very very minor :slight_smile:

wish u luck with this short :beer:


Really excellent guys. Rendering was awsome and the timing was great too.


Amazing! Loved it! Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just Wouuw! :applause:


Execellent work loved the animation!


the metal shaders looks awesome, great quality in there. Love the animation too, keep it up.


This is an AMAZING work, great story, character design, animation, lighting/rendering, everything is fantastic.

Can you answer this please.

1-How did you achieve the beautiful illumination in the scenes…?..did you use final gather and global illumination or did you achieve the global illumination feeling just with point lights, area lights, directional lights, etc with out any Final Gather/Global illumination…?

2-How did you render this…what hardware…did you use a renderfarm…?

Thanks and again what an AMAZING work, congratulations, an absolutely fantastic short.
Best Regards


Thank you for enjoying my film.

  1. BG : GI + Final gather (1Direction Light + 1Area Light (photon) + 1 Ambient)
    CH : Final gather (Domelight object + 1~3 point light + 1 Ambient)
    Prob : Final gather ( HDR Domelight + 1~2 point light )

  2. render hardware… 2 personal com used… maybe…5month render time…add composite time…

visit oursite… go image gallery …you see test render shot…
sorry my english…^^ Thank you.