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hello viewer,

I have been working on a 2D animation for a while and here is my line test. I’m rushing to make this post so the links are quick and dirty, not even sure if they work at this point. I will fix them soon.


The animation is hand drawn. I had access to different forms of equipment through its creation so the style jumps around a little. Media used are pencil, webcam, Wacom Intuos tablet. Software used are Digicel Flipbook, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe AfterEffects. Music is by artist DoRED and the song title is “SHOOTINGSTAR maker.” Background music is subject to change.
almost afraid to ask, but what is broke?


I don’t know the language of the vocals at all so I don’t know if the video is intended to tell the story of the words but as far as just the music is concerned, I must say it feels to me that the motion fits the music really well. The motion is pretty sweet. I especially like the sequence with the guy running. That’s some impressive stuff. Also the guitar player is very well done. Your attention to detail is cool as well with the additional hair movements when the guitar player moves his head etc. Well done so far. Will you be coloring the animation?


Thanks for the feedback Uncle-Ox. It’s always nice to know other artists’ views.

The song is in Japanese. The animation doesn’t tell a related story, except for the final scene. The final scene may seem literal, and it’s a reference that only the musician would quickly recognize. I was a bit worried about the singer’s lack of movement, but in all honesty the singer has subtle movement while giving a live performance.

Coloring the animation seems almost indefinite. I’m more concerned with adding the flag animations to the missing hair and clothing. Then I will add a few more special effects.

Speaking of special effects. Can anyone recommend a method of creating a procedural shatter animation in 3D? I want to create some Chinese roof tiles in 3D then have them shatter in slow motion while gently rotating.

I don’t get much time to animate, so progress is much slower than desired.


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