shoot them up, ameen naksewee (2D)


Title: shoot them up
Name: ameen naksewee
Country: Thailand
Software: Photoshop

Hi everybody

I have done this piece for Itemaward2 chalenge,the cg art website in Thailand.
The topic is ultimate fighting,concept is nothing special
just want to draw girl handle gun fight with a lot of man to represent ultimate.
but i think it’s too simple, I need something more to represent the fight of a girl.
so i choose art nouveau and combine it with gun and action scene.
hope you like it,comment critic are welcome.


well done !


Great job! I love the layout and the clever but subtle use of the rifles in the circle design around her head.


Super Great work!! and super great style! Happy to see this one on the forum!! Cheers brother!


A lot of work … Great Art :)))


this looks very good. very well handled.



I think its awesome too!


I like a lot those ornaments aroud, and great front composition.
I’m wondering how you planed all those characters so perfectlly in such small space. Great job! :thumbsup:


the composition and rendering on this piece are amazing. Great work overall


cool and fresh. Very nice


thankyou verymuch for the comment :slight_smile:


Wow, great work, I love the style :applause:


man this is awesome! good work!


Wow, what a fantastic painting. The color pallete is perfect, I fell in love with the details and the originality! One of the best I’ve seen here lately. Well done!


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