ShokeR, Aleksandr Kuskov (3D)


Title: ShokeR
Name: Aleksandr Kuskov
Country: Ukraine
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Poster for the mobile operator. Author’s version, modified in their spare time. The original was made ​​for the shortest possible time. From sketch to final render in the 9 days. The original resolution 10000/7000 pix.


Superb work. I adore the illustrative quality that the entire image has, with so many intricate details. The Playstation style controls going into the tank with the Sackboy is a cute touch :wink:


Astonishing work and crazy amount of details…


I love the stylized look you gave to the composition and the vast amount of details is totally awesome! Congrats!


Crazy picture:)


love it, good job.


love the style :wink:


very very nice ! I love the colors and all this tiny details. Really great job and great ideas.


It is freaking insane to think this was done in 9 days. Remind me never to enter a speed challenge with you. :bowdown:


I love it. I really like the painting feel and nice detail of your work.


That’s REALLY good! My favourite part is the stuffed toy(?) in the jar at the bottom right. I think you could crop right into that and it would still be an amazing piece of work.


9 DAYS !!! My lord !


9 days!? Damn that’s totally insane men! nothing much else to say then, amazing Job!


WOW! Very awesome! very great idea and design! hehe, mobile operator! Congrats and Cheers!


It’s amazing!
Everything is perfect~ :slight_smile:


Absolutely lovely.
I’d like to see it in the choice gallery (cover too?)




[left]The amount of detail is tremendous, I also love the use of value in the image.



Amazing work! Love the details! Thanks for sharing.


That’s awesome work. Very moody.

Well deserved top row :thumbsup: