shockwave export


i am doing a project which will need to be exported to shockwave 3d so people can navigate through the enviroment. i know this can be done in c4d.

however - part of the scene will need to use sketch and toon (the background) and the main products will need to be in a photo-realistic style.

is this a possibility with the shockwave export?


Yes, but the export in itself will only create a W3D file with no interaction built into it. You will have to use Macromedia Director to create the interactivity, and to set the cartoon-shading on the models manually (through code) that need it. You will also have to program functionality such as walking and looking around.

You said Sketch and toon, what do you mean by that? A pre-rendered background with the sketch and toon renderer? ShockWave has support for realtime toonshading if you should choose to use that. If not, just create a spherical or cubical skybox.

If you need help with the technical side I might be able to help you out.

This is a walkthrough I have programmed before:

You might have to click inside the 3D view to enable the arrowkeys (use arrowkeys on your keyboard to move).



I’m interested in Shockwave export. This autumn, I need to make a small 3D game where one has to pick up objects and place them in the right spot. When you come near the right spot (for that object) the objects should automaticly jump into a predefined position. When all objects are placed there should start a movie. Would this be possible with Director MX?

Thanks odo


thanks for the help!

yes - this will be produced in director - but all i need to do is model everything out. what i am wondering is how something gets into director as 3d from c4d when it comes to texturing, etc.?? you say you have to program the toon shading? in c4d? or in director. this is weird stuff.

i will keep you in mind if i need some help!


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