Shirow Project Book#3 Side-Mission


This is the OLD/ ORIGINAL Project thread that ran from Jan.2004 to Feb. 2007
The images that were once linked here off our team server have been removed to make space for new items. The HUGEMUNGUS shirowproject gallery is also no longer active.

A new team thread has been started HERE
This older thread you are visiting has been allowed to go on it’s way and eventually archive.

Fortunately, most of the images are now represented in our nonprofit DATABOOK 1, which you can buy as a 160 page, full color, bookstore quality publication, or also download. The bookstore and DL links can be found on our webpage at

It’s been a long haul and theres just too much info in here for anyone with a life to assimilate.

Since we have come to a bit of a crossroad and now have most all of our images in the DATABOOK release that is underway. It seemd reasonable to start fresh for the next leg of any work we do.

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saddle up for the next round. :wip: :slight_smile:



Version 4 of our mainpage is up.
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WIP progress comp. Anyone want to jump in and help with the buildings?


Test Animation - Quicktime 1.3Meg

Any sound guys want to add some fx? :eek:


I’m working on a couple of other shorts and a couple of AI pluggins. But I would like to help out if you have some modeling like those buildings or something else that needs some work on. Send me a pmail with some details


aurora- Thanks for the interest, really I am not too fussy on 100% accuracy, which is partly due to not having more than one reference for some of these models. If you can manage with that, you can do any/allthe buildings in this image.

I can texture once you have some structure or you can do it if you like…post any WIP in the sidemission thread.


leegoz wrote :

hey, i’ll give a hand with your new shirow project if you like, just tell me what you need.


leegoz-Hey, Thanks…I could use help with the buildings on THIS SIDE MISSION

I need the models in either LW, .obj or 3ds files if you can

Let me know if you can pitch in on this.
Thanks again!


Here is the rest of the team member aquisition info that was PM’d (some sections edited)>

Originally posted by aurora
[B]Thanks for the quick response back. I have been going through the various CGTalk threads and have registered at the website. I have a couple of quick question, which are probably answered at the project forums but I’m still waiting for registration confirmation. What is the app pipeline for the project. I saw the posting for sidemission help in the LW forum but it sounded from a couple of threads that the format of choice is Maya? I have both LW7.5c and Maya5.0.1 so it does not matter to me either way.
Next question is do you just need the building(s) posted in the one sidemission reference image or more beyond what dodo3d has posted?
Is there a particular scale you are trying to stick to?



A few answers>
Some of the team use Maya and some use LW. If you decide to go the Maya route you will need to export to kaydara’s .fbx format. The plugin is at their site

I would like to have someone else do the buildings since this is supposed to be a team effort and not solo missions. So all I need right now is the buildings in the sidemission panel I posted at the top of this thread.

Scale? The buildings should be life sized. But I can rescale if need be…model as you like.

Regarding the forum registration>
To get authorized to enter the team area you usually need to show some lasting support to ShirowProject- that usually will mean helping finish at least one mission. Some especially enthusiastic and helpful people get special consideration.

Besides containing clips and images that never appear in CGTalk… We also discuss more of the technical details in the team forum so you get a more in depth look at what goes into creating the scenes and animations. We also have R+R lounge forum area for general team chat.

The reason we are doing this is that we would like to build a truly
motivated and dedicated team core. That can only come from getting the team members to stick together. If we can’t do that the collaborative format endsup being less than what it should be.


Originally posted by aurora
Thanks that all works for me. I’ll do the models in LW. I’ll start working on the building today.



aurora- perfect…Look forward to working with you. :bounce:


I was just going to add our discussions so glad you beat me to it.
I’ll do the glass as seperate objects morphed from the single pain. That way if you want to do an animation if it breaking in the future it will be ready to go.


Thanks again Aurora!:thumbsup:


OK I have a couple of buildings modeled plus I added a road, sidewalk and accessories to see how they work together. Actually let me clarify that a bit I have the buidlings modeled pre-destruction. As soon as I get things nice and sharp I’ll go back and do the damage effects.
Another question make that 2. How do you want to handle the texturing. I assume you have a shader library from the other missions. Should I just send the models to you for the texturing or what?
What time of day is this shot supposedly happening? I only ask to know how to best set up any luxigon lights that may/may not help.
OK make that three questions. Do you want me to do some modeling for inside the builiding with the blown out windows or will they just be covered over by other effects?


Sounds amazing aurora!
For texturing i was thinking of using a combination of images and procedurals. If you want to leave it for me to texture that is fine. I should have asked you to create the surfaces while you were modelling, but maybe you automatically do that. The scene is set for day initially, but I would also like to do a night version. The building interiors as seen through the broken glass will not be completely obscured, so some basic geometry will be needed in there on the main level anyway. :wink:


I already laid the surfaces and hopefully have pretty intuitive names for them. I’ll add some inside features for the lower level of the main building and add the luxigons for the interior lighting and some for the outside as well. I’ll probably, at least for now, leave the texturing for you since I really don’t know the style you are after. But we can discuss that shortly if need be. One quick note I’m taking off for Aspen for the weekend for my birthday and won’t be back till sometime sometime Monday.


Sounds good Aurora. Guess by the time you read this I should say…hope you had a good time in Aspen!


[ WIP animation clip QT 3.4 meg ]( V2 full rez

If you would like to join in on upcoming missions just let us know>PM , email or post . Any skill level is acceptable!




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leegoz wrote
I would love to help on the buildings and i’ll get cracking with it right away! Do you have any other drawings or just want me to work from that picture?