Shirow Fan Clip- Mission#2 recruitment



We’re wrapping up mission#1 on Dec.31 and officially initiating mission#2 on Jan.5th.

If you would like to join in post here with details on what you want to model/your weapons of choice (software) and your skillz…

Here’s the panels for mission#2’s Scene. The initial plan is to do The top 2 squares of this page. If we get enough interest we can do all the panels .

More reference shots for the elements will be supplied to the modellors joining the mission.

We are all a pretty laid back and freindly bunch. So, Don’t let the “I’m not really that good at 3d” keep you from giving it a try. None of us on ShirowProject’s team are pros (pros are however also welcome!). We’re just having a real blast with this. If some cool images and friendships come about in the meantime…It’s all good


ShirowProject Wants YOU!
Serve and protect the Collaborative CG community, or die trying:p

pre mission Modelling underway!

Post/Email or PM to join.


do I see a gungees in there? cause if so im in the process of making a near photoreal working gungees and piolet…but that will be a few months before I even get close to finishin it… but let me know anyways…



Sorry, That’s not what it is, but your model Sounds VERY Interesting. :thumbsup:
Maybe you can drop in once you have some prog shots??:drool:


I think he is referring to the top panel SD, not the animated flash one. I think the other Landmate mech that is not Briaros is a Gunges.


:blush: …what page is that on? How could it be???..Something i didn’t know about Appleseed…:eek:


You guys mean Gundress maybe? …still scatching head…:shrug:


Might be Guges…


Hi SoftDistortion and others…

I’ve just started on making the CopBot, and you’ll see some wip/results soon…

very soon ^^

//Xinoz0r | Jimmie Laursen


yes its called a gyew-gess…and its one of the main parts of appleseed…common guys…jk…anyways…seem as tess has threatened to kill…ill give u some screens sometime this week…I promise…but they will be MAJOR WIP…but gotta keep the fans happy and not killing…lol…




heh… I wasnt really gonna kill anyone…honest I wasnt…well maybe just a little bit :surprised

Cant wait to see the copbot, welcome to the team Xinozor.


Xinozor my nicks spirit…dont forget it hehe



Hello SoftDistortion, Spirit2029 ^^ and others :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that okay??? ^^


TEAM+VISITORS WOW… and LOL… and…Great stuff Guys

Tessalated- We really need more sleep huh? Let the killin begin woooooheeee! < :blush: dit I saw tat??
… I meant to say, “There shall be no killing of potential team mates before or after a mission…furthuremore the management will not be responsible for any cleanup and or medical bills should there be any unapproved killing!” :slight_smile:

PS: …does seem like the subtle threat of killin did work though…huh?

Xinoz0r- Welcome on board the Mission #2 team. It is definitely OK!! really looking forward to seeing your work!

Spirit- “yes its called a gyew-gess…and its one of the main parts of appleseed”
I say again >:banghead: …what page is that on (can you tell me before you get killed?) How could it be???..Something i didn’t know about Appleseed…:eek: Also, If you survive being killed, will you join Project Shirows Missions??:shrug:


The Gauges (not 100% on the spelling, its been awhile since I last read it) is the landmate model that Deunan favors. That goes all the way back to the beginning. The person saying “Wha-!?” would appear to be someone in a Gauges landmate.

I’m a huge Shirow fan and would love to join.
So far the only Shirow inspired piece I’ve done is:

This was done awhile ago, I’ve been meaning to do some more of his stuff, but I haven’t yet…

If you have anything I could try working on let me know.
I use Cinema4D, so can model and export out to most formats if needed.

PS: Which book is the panel from? I haven’t seen any of Book 5, but I have all the others (i think, I might be missing one or two issues).


Finlly found the ref…Well I guess I really missed that book/page.:eek:

Thanks for the re-education guys.

smoke - We would be greatful to have you give part of mission #2 a try. I Took a peek at your linked model … looks good!

Here’s where mission #2 is at the moment.
Premission reconnaissance

Elements already accepted>
-Giant Mech > Dodo3d
-CopBot >Xinoz0r
-Briareos < I’d like to try him once Tessalated and I finish whatever we can with the Mission#1 animation

We still need personel to accept the rest of the mission elements

1-Eswat Human

The panel is taken from Book 4.

Let us know what you want to tackle.


I’ll take a crack at the Landmate, time to go drag out the comics and Intron Depot 1 :slight_smile:


Can I do the Eswat Human? Or is that what you mean by Landmate smoke? I thought Spirit is doing a Guges?? Dont tell me theres nothing left for me :cry:


Tessalated- Heheh. We wouldn’t leave a Mission#1 survivor out in the cold…You can do the human if you like, or you can help me with Briareos if you don’t mind being stuck with me again after the animating mayhem is over. :wink:

I didn’t get that Spirit was in with us on that Gunges…I thought he was going to be quite a while to finish it…I was picturing months???

Spirit- Are you going to do the Gunges for Mission#2? will you do it by end of mission Jan31/04? If not I guess it’s up for grabs. We do however still want you with us!!!

Smoke- If we don’t hear from spirit in the next short while, you are on for the Landmate Gunges. We can supply references for you, but if you can get the books it would also be helpful. So far me and Tess have been handling the references. Your help posting refs would be appreciated> more chances of getting them all…I usually miss a bunch :blush:


well I would love to be able to say a definite yes on finishing the landmate and piolet for end of january…but I really dont know how busy im going to be with construction. So better get someone else on it…Ill see what I can do. but send something else small my way…and ill do that…a prop…