Here is a ship that I will model soon, views in CorelDraw 12. Thanks.


I like number 2, awesome stuff, love the skull decal.


Very nice ships! love them all! 2 and 3 are my favs but I think I am also leaning towards 2. Number 2 holds my interest more than the others. Good luck with the modeling!


Any of the 3 would make an interesting modelling project, but my favourite is the first one.


Thanks you guys. I think I like number one and two the most. The second one’s tail end would cast shadows along the hull of the ship, which would define it’s volume a little better… I dunno yet. Thanks for the replies!


I think number three has an insect like feeling about it. It gets my vote. mokba


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Good work so far.
Looking forward to your progress.



Umm…I like the second one since I can’t be 100% sure about the fact that which way it goes :slight_smile:


Thank you guys!
I want this to come out nice. It will take me a while to make it, between the shop and all else, help keep me motivated.:bounce:


Some work on the main gun…


10 years ago? Yes, some of the hardware these ships are sporting does look a tad outdated!:wink:

I like the look of the first ship.

The middle ship looks like that it would merrily tumble along through space as it doesn’t look aerodynamic at all.

The third looks, well…plain.

How big are these suppose to be? Are they one-man sips or massive beasts?

Hopefully you keep us updated when you get to actually model these.:thumbsup:


i hope you dont mind but im going to model the first one myself, i really like the style…

although i may end up modeling one which is a cross of all of them :slight_smile:


No problem… Ten Bucks!:stuck_out_tongue:


These are really good designs. If I had those laying around, I’d create all three of them. Starting with the last one :slight_smile:



Can we see a wire?

And a brief explanation of how you modeled some of the stuff?

Thanks in advance,


I am still new to modeling and having a hard time with it… I will post more soon.


I have to say that ship 2 is my favorite, next it would be 3, but hell they are all better than what I can draw on my best day.
Can’t wait to see the model.


Alittle more work…

And the one that was lost during the hack…


Originally posted by Signal to Noise

The middle ship looks like that it would merrily tumble along through space as it doesn’t look aerodynamic at all.


Good thing space has no air to cause it problems then. :scream: