Sheridan or seneca?


I wanted to join the vfx course at either of these colleges. does any one know which one is better? I’m specifically talking about the vfx course and not the animation course. heard sheridan is not so great. is that true??


I’m considering going to sheridan school too, I read in the animazion magazine that Michael Hirsh, CEO of Cookie Jar called it the Harvard of animation, but I don’t know if this must be considered so relevant. As a school, it seems to be al right, prices are really really cheap and their programs looks fine. I don’t how how good it really is and also I don’t know how good their VFX program is, but I just haven’t heard anything wrong about that school.


Hey Guys,

You should speak with Joe Raasch who is the VFX coordinator here at Seneca College. He will be able to give you some insight into the program and what kind of job potentials you will have when you finish. You can email him at



It was (or used to be) one of the best places in the world to learn traditional animation.
And one of the very first to teach computer animation (since the 80s).

But its hard to get in to. And its affordable. But if Seneca doesn’t require an art degree or professional experience to get in (Sheridan does-and they have to like your portfolio better than hundreds of other applicants) than thats likely your choice.


I like to make sure the information posted about Seneca is correct. Seneca DOES require a degree or diploma to be eligible to apply for our post graduate courses. If you dont have the education, its possible for us to evaluate relevant work experience in place of a degree or diploma as a mature student. We also have a portfolio process. Our programs are heavily over subscribed, and are extremely competitive to get into. Having said that, the education you will receive with us is tough to beat.



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