Sheri Tarter - Demo Reel 2005


Well here it is…the culimation of 5 months of work. Comments are welcome and appreciated. Thank you to everyone who helped me out over the past few months while I was building assets to put this together, especially the kind people over in the game WIP forum.

A little bit about the reel…
All characters are under 10,000 polys with handpainted textures.
The environment is under 100,000 polys with over 320+ hand painted textures.
Concept, models and textures created by yours truely.

Please Right click and Save as.

(Large taken down for now until I can get a better compression)



You can also download them directly off my website at


note I am going to get a better compression method up soon. I understand and I apologize for the large file sizes as they are right now.

[left]-Sheri Tarter 2005


Great work Sheri!


Great stuff Sheri, not sure why only one person commented on it. Awesome textures and the whole package :slight_smile:


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