shell instancer


HI everyone,
i’m making a minigun, and i want the shells come out the top of the gun.
ive made a shell and instanced it to particles and aplyd gravity to it.
but they fall all down the same, and when they hit the floor they dont bounce in every direction.

can somebody help me out with this?



Unfortunately, instances are only following the particle, thus no dynamic simulation can be had on the instanced geeometry. For dynamics you have to use rigid bodies. Another neat solution, is to render out a couple sequences of spinning/tumbling bullet casings, and use the sequences on sprite particles. If the camera is relativly stable you will never notice the difference.


Click the particle system. Shift-click the floor. Particles->Make collide.

Ta da!

Must be noted, however, that the particle collisions are not perfect, because the actual particle is colliding, not the shell casing. In this case, make a second floor, move it up off the real floor a bit, hide it, and make the particles collide with that.


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