shelf items not saving .... all the time..


Hi all…
I notice with my Maya (2013) that sometimes, when I create a new shelf (picking a characters curves and dragging them up as a new shelf item), after saving my project,…and then re-open later, the shelf items are not there…the new shelf is…but my items aren’t.
Any thoughts on why this happens?


I don’t think shelves get saved on crash exit.


Hi flea, your probably right on that…but these aren’t crashes…just regular save file, quit maya.


Try save it manually whenever you update your shelf? Click the triangle next to it, choose save all shelves.


Had this some time ago with Maya 2012 or so, deleting all Maya prefs fixed it for me.


When i add new shelf i go to file\save preferences and it work.


it’s what ytsejam1976 said. You can either go File > Save Preferences or, on the shelf itself, click the down arrow/triangle and down the far bottom is 'Save All Shelves"


Thanks all…I’ll try those suggestions.


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