Shelby Gt500e , Sebastian Postek (3D)


Title: Shelby Gt500e
Name: Sebastian Postek
Country: Poland
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

This is my latest project. The car is made for animation. It was pollymodeled in Max and rendered in Vray. I tryed to make it as realistic as i can.
All C&C are welcome.


Awesome!! Love it!! :bowdown: Can’t wait for the animation


Lowpoly?!? :surprised
Thats awesome! :bowdown: really cool!


Very nice work, love it :wavey:
Keep it up…


Very nice render. Cool shadows! :thumbsup:


one of my favorite car
nice modeling too
cant wait to see animation


Very realistic rendering!
The modelling is top notch…beautiful Eleanor!!

Great job!

        • :applause: :thumbsup:

PS: the front wheel is really close from the wheel arch,
looks like it can’t turn and pass a bumper at the same time…

May we see some wireframe?


Excellent modelling and render, but maybe the front wheels are to big or to close to the car, the suspension has no space to work properly, and I’ve never seen a bump on the hood like that, and finally aren’t those air ducts in the back supossed to be for cars that have the engine in the back? …anyway I’m not a car expert, so don’t believe everything I say…"


nice work - very realistic ! pozdrowienia :slight_smile:


Thanks for all your comments.

and here is the wire

C&C are still more then welcome


I really like, nice modeling!!!



The scoops in the back are fine I think, only the hood schoop should cut close to the window because that’s how it gets air, and it should cut at the window and now curve down, ya know? Other than that it’s great.


I think its great. Looks very very real. Ill give you 5 stars cause its my fav. car and you’ve done an excellent job!


Agreed. I’ll elaborate from a car-geek perspective.

The cowl hood is shaped a little strange. If it’s a proper hood scoop, there should be an opening on the front of the raised area. If it’s a cowl induction hood then the raised area shouldn’t taper back down toward the windshield as the opening is on the back to exploit the high air pressure area where the hood and windshield meet. The only purpose a hood like this would serve is to add clearance to a tall intake manifold or air cleaner and that would starve the engine of air.

The front wheels need less a little less offset (tucked in a inch or two toward the chassis). Especially if you’re going to animate this, the body needs to be able to roll just a little bit when cornering (not much with ‘Eleanor’s’ beefed up suspension, but some) and the fender is going to dig right into the tire.

Something about the rendering of the front wheel seems a little off. Too shiny? Too much reflection map? I can’t quite put my finger on it.

The vents on the back are actually to channel air over the rear brakes for cooling purposes. Lots of front engined race and sports cars do this (look at the last two generations of corvettes).

All that said, the model looks really well built and the render quality is really great. And great choice of cars to build. Nice work!


awesome work man.great car,but in my opinion the car’s color is a little bit strange.that’s only an opinion.great job.**** for you!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Nice car, I really like it on the movie gone in 60 seconds, btw why everybody uses the same hdri image?


[Mustang Geek]

The hood on Eleanor is supposed to be like that. It’s not your standard hood scoop/cowl.

[/Mustang Geek]

There are a few areas that I think could use some work. The tires are a lower profile than what you have. Also, The area around the headlights is supposed to be more “sunken”. You can look at the picture I linked to and see what I’m talking about. This is looking good though!


I stand corrected :slight_smile: I guess it’s just for extra clearance. It looks kind of weird on the real car too.


your bump on the hood is definetely too much as mentioned before and they have a little blue color on those smaller headlights.its my favourite car always :wink: and your job is amazing.congs.


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