Shear Rotate Scale (Move) Plugin - Public Beta


Hello fellow C4D users,

albeit my initial estimate of my progress were much too optimistic and not much has been done, I want to go on with this project. That is to start an open beta testing. As you can see there are still things I might have to figure out. If you have comments or bug reports you can reach me via email (link on my site) or here in this thread. You can find a download link a bit further down.

Built with Cinema4D R14 SDK on Windows and MacOS X 64 Bit. Should work up to R19.

There is a HTML manual in the doc folder inside the plugin’s folder.

Limitation & Bugs:

  • Non-uniform scaling only works for default primitives. The plugin needs
    to have knowledge which and how parameters determine the size of an
    object in any of the three dimension. This is knowledge currently
    hardcoded. I tried to make it scriptable in python but the R14 API did
    not yet provide the functionality I needed. If it is of interest to you,
    I might try to implement a heuristic, looking at the name of parameters
    to figure out what to do.
  • Possibly Undo does not work under all conditions. Need to investigate.
  • Handle highlighting is hard to see.


Changes since the video below:

  • Revised the drawing of the handles. They are now 3D. Previously they were sometimes not be drawn in R17. I’m evaluating if it is better now.

Original Post

I’m writing to gauge the interest in a plugin which has been collecting dust here for a year or two. I believe it is time to move my lazy rear off the couch to make some money off of it, maybe.

It is a combination and further development of my old shear rotate scale tools and the transform tool.

What it offers:

  • A pivot independent of the object axis. Thus,
  • scale, rotate a primitive around any point.
  • Non-uniform scaling tries to find suitable size settings for primitives.
  • Shearing tool for point/poly objects. Of course the other tools work with point/poly objects, too.
  • Quickly align objects using snapping
  • Gracefully handle objects with rounded corners via bounding box snapping.
  • Compiled for R14. Been using it under R18 with a minor cosmetic issue at worst.

(could have worked more efficiently there but you get the point …)


  • Apart from point/poly objects, scaling only works on default primitive types.
  • Awkward workflow in 3D view (not even shown).

Further development to address its limitations is not out of the question, however unlikely in the near future, tbh.

No specifics about pricing etc., yet.

P.S. I consider the old transform tool obsolete. Therefore I won’t maintain it any more.


good idea, but you should download the demo of rhino 3d and check how their move, scale rotate tools work, its a very convenient method to work. and the fact that you wrote this, means that it is possible to make rhino type tools. I would buy those.

so its basically,
1.turn on tool with object selected.
2. click to set pivot
3. click to rotate around pivot

so its basically what you have, except less switching tools to move pivot.

btw, please don’t obsolete your old transform plugin :frowning: I love it, it is very convenient.)


Yeah voz! Sounds like the 3D equivalent to the way Adobe products work. (like rotation in Illustrator) That would be great.


I will really miss the super convenient 3D viewport gizmos of your "Transform"plugin, it’s the first plugin I install with “Drop to floor”, too bad if you don’t consider to update it anymore. The bounding box snapping it’s something I asked at Maxon for years, I’m curious to see it in action on the 3D viewport.


Thanks for the responses. I appreciate the comments on my transform plugin and will keep them in mind.

Unless I misunderstand you, I’d say this is exactly how it works. Should be seen in the video. Except my workflow was messed up since I frequently forgot to turn on the proper snapping mode :slight_smile:

I cannot quite recall, however I guess rhino is where my “inspiration” came from :wink:

First click sets the pivot, if it is not already there.
Second click moves, scales, rotates or shears depending on the tool.
Shift click moves the pivot.
Dragging the end of the line that comes out of the pivot changes the direction. This is used for scaling along a single axis.
The pivots are persistently associated with objects. Required data is stored in hidden tags.


in the video it seemed more like:

-click pivot tool
-click to set pivot
-click rotate tool
-click to rotate

kinda ties in with persistent pivots. not really that important since we have parent nulls for that etc.

and this will especially be important when editing points and polygons. so when you want to rotate a group of polygons it becomes much easier to pick where they rotate from.

but obviously will see when it comes out :slight_smile:


Yes this looks great. More CAD like features the better. I agree with Alexsey about the rotate tool, just clicking a total of three points with a single tool would be quicker but what you have is still a big improvement on the native toolset.

If you could also implement an easy way to draw splines to specific lengths that would make this a must have plugin for me. Afaik there is no easy way to just click and draw a 3m long spline for example. The coordinates box is of no use here really so the only way is to maybe switch quantising on and drag out. If you could find a way to have an active length box like sketchup that would be fantastic. So activate the spline tool, click and hover your mouse in the direction you want to go and type in a distance followed by enter.

Also a way of click dragging a rectangle from corner to corner. The only way to do this now is to either manually resize and place a primitive with its central ucs or draw out the rectangle manually with 4 lines. Then the cherry on top would be to auto create an extrude object making a solid - basically how max and sketchup work which is so much more useful than resizing a 2m cube every time.

Any of that possible?!


@rob rhodes


Thats an interesting one thanks. From what I can see it just deals with polygon creation rather than spline creation though which I would be more interested in, so they can be used for sweeps and extrudes rather than fixed polygon objects.


Interesting, indeed. I think there is another set of tools to “draw” primitives. I cannot remember its name nor the name of its creator, though. Must have been on the forum some months ago.

Anyway, I’m sorry to disappoint but primitive creation, spline drawing, or any of these kind of functions goes beyond the scope of my tools, i.e. what I can currently offer.


Looks great! I am very interested in this. The less clicks the better. Now I know what you where talking about when you said you where to replace the Transform Tool Plugin :wink:


Looks great. Count me in.


Very useful plugin. We do these operations one million times per day and it’s very boring with C4D.

Primitive Sketch plugin was a very good plugin for drawing primitives but too many crashes. He’s still working with R18.
If you can do the same without crashes, I will buy it too.


>I think there is another set of tools to “draw” primitives. I cannot remember its name nor the name of its creator, though.<

You might be thinking of Primitive Sketch V2. Created by Carter Cross.
Really nice plugin. I don’t think it’s available anymore and I think Carter may be off the radar, but then
again he may re-surface if we all chant real loud.


Count me in.

The basic operation in a CAD program is: type command > haul > type dimension > click Enter. This is true of most basic commands - scale, move, rotate, offset and on and on.

Anything that could recreate this workflow would be very welcome.


That was probably my plugin called “Draw Objects”, which is available for free for R17 and R18.


Thank you, both of you. Was probably one of these.

Well, numeric input might be something to add. Currently, it only displays numbers. Quantization is supported for somewhat better precision, though.


Awesome, will be downloading that. Thanks Kbar


I’d be interested for sure. I do a lot of modeling, and am always looking for tools that can make some things easier.

If you don’t proceed with this new plugin, please don’t abandon Transform Tool, I use it a lot!


I’m interested.