She calls herself 'Pride', Florian Delarque (3D)


Title: She calls herself ‘Pride’
Name: Florian Delarque
Country: France
Software: Photoshop, XSI, ZBrush

She is an elfic woman who comes from the eastern great forest,
She leaved her owns to learn about the outer world …
So she discovered the true reality: Human pride and war…

She choosed to help them put an end to all this pain,

She now call herself ‘Pride’ …

Hello all, ^^

I initially did this picture to learn XSI. It is fully rendered and composited in XSI.
I used Zbrush too to model her body. Textures are all handmade in Photoshop.
I wanted to make her reflect pride and determination .
I hope I succeed partially at least lol

I hope you’ll like her.

Comments and critics are welcome :slight_smile:


excellent work, no crits from my angle… keep it up…


Amazing work:thumbsup:


Nice pic my friend :applause:

but i’ve looked for the pride and i feel more solemnity :slight_smile: , like the death of a companion of war.

Finally, it’s really a good pic :beer:


vary fine approach in XSI & ZBRUSH…keep posting dudE…:applause:


5* I like it so much.


boulallaa … master piece … there’s poetry in this work … heavy 5*


Hey nice work Chokmah :slight_smile:


really cool!


I like this one very much. :applause:


-Wonderful model, great job on her clothes…


ohh yes super cg girl


I really like your colors and style and your clothe designs are nice detail! But perhaps the model’s nose is a little elongated; hope this illustrates my point clear:

other than that I really like it!


amazing work!


amazing work…
very wonderful render and texture…
keep walking


ho …nice…
it’s look likes aristocrat eidolon


great work…

i think skin shader need little imporvement a bit…



A nice depiction of an Elfin girl…glad you did’nt give her a Culver City profile. :slight_smile:
Good name choice also.


Thank you all for your nice comments :slight_smile:

safari-chris, I understand what you means.
I did that way thinking about Brian Froud faeries :slight_smile: They have this kind of elongated nose.
I only wanted her that way ^^
Thanks to comment my work safari-chris :).

Again thank you all, I am glad that you like her ^^


Great job ! A good elfic design.
I like it, and I think it’s a nice picture… wonderful and charismatic model.
Good Work :slight_smile: