Shave and Physycal sun an sky



as in the title, Im tryng to render a simple sphere in Maya 2013 with shave and haircut aplyed.
If it is rendered with mental ray all is good as I turn on physical Sun and Sky I have this message: // Error: Fatal (mental ray) : mental ray encountered a fatal error. The system
may have become unstable. Please save the scene and exit Maya. //

I sow that if I turn off final gater it works.

Any suggestion? Thank you in advance!!



My only suggestion is to uninstall and re-install the Mental Ray Plug-in. Restarting your computer and trying again wouldn’t hurt either. Hope this helps.


First of all, thank you.
I have the maya 2013 version and I have installed the mental ray with it automatically, I really never have installed the mental ray by itself alone. How can I do this?



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