Shave and a Haircut shadows



I want more ‘crisper’ shadows with Shave. In the manual they say to turn up the resolution of the light map.
Where do I fiind those parameters, because I don’t see them in the light attr. editor?
I’ve also got a ‘Shave Shadow’ tab , but nothing is in it…

using Maya 7, Shave 4.5, windows xp 32




hello…first you have to go to shave globals and turn of use all lights.
then select your shadow light and go to shave>shadow attributes>add to selected light
then you will have the res and fuzz attributes in your lights shave shadow frame(notice to have this kind of shadows you have to turn of use dmap shadows in your light).
also in mr you can get and accurate but expencive result via raytrace shadows but you have to chang your renderer to mr in shave globals.
if you have a heavy scene i suggest rendering hair shadow in passes or using a positive/negative light on your hair to avoid render crash.


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