Sharp brings 3D to the desktop without goggles


“Sharp’s new LL-151-3D provides 3D stereoscopic imagery for desktop Macs and PCs, and the 15-inch display doesn’t require any special goggles or glasses in order to work – it supports OpenGL-compatible graphics cards. The US$1,499 display is aimed at biotech, medical imaging, mapping, GIS, oil and gas exploration – markets already using 3D visualization applications. It’s also ideal for well-heeled gamers looking for an even more immersive 3D experience.”

Yes, they did, apparently, but it’s only 1024 x 768, although it could be useful as a second or third monitor. Has anyone seen the laptop version, is it usable?


I don’t get it, how does this thing work. Can someone explain it? Has anyone seen it work?


hmmm, do you have to cross your eyes to get it to work? like those MagicEye calendars from years ago?


This could be some entirely different technology, but I remember a while back (bout a year), that there were steroscopic lcds being developed that layered two lcd screens and would offset the image according to depth. I assume this is the same technology.


They imploy micro louvers and since each eye see the screen at a differnet angle, different images can be presented to each eye producing 3d. However, the effect is very weak and you have to be directly in front of the screen.
Somin like that.


The LL-151-3D operates using a parallax barrier that divides light from the LCD so different patterns reach your left and right eyes. When centered in front of the screen, you process the different patterns as a three-dimensional image.

Pretty much explains how it works. I wonder if you have to remain totally still in the middle for it to keep working. I’d like to see it in real life.


yeah it would suck if you had to sit directly infront of the monitor (no hanging out with friends watching movies? :frowning: )

but i think this technology is moving in the right direction, seems that the projecter in minority report is comming sooner than we think! if i remember correctly there were three mini projectors projecting on the screen to simulate three dimentions, and remember also, that even in the year 2056 he had to be infront of the screen to see it correctly (when the camera rotated to the side we saw the flaw!)

pretty excited, aren’t you? :slight_smile:


Makes me think of that Sega arcade game Time Traveler.

Not that the two are completely related. Just the random misfiring of my [font=Verdana]synapse.



that would be cool if they could tack your heads movements via web cam and adjust the image as you moved. Like for games and true 3d media i mean. The e3 glases look pretty cool and much less expensive. I dont mind wearing glasses as i dont usually do group computer sessions that require 3d gogles so who cares if it ugly. This is cool though but as of yet i dont see it as worth buying. I ont see how it can work for movies anyway withough a depth mapp or something. Its the same with other systems. How can 2d from one angle be viewd in 3d the info just isnt there. Would be cool though.


Interesting, hopefully this doesn’t cause whoop-a** head aches like those glasses do…The effect you get from games is amazing with those but after an hour your eyes start to hurt like crazy.


I wonder if its 15" on purpose - maybe cuz the technology doens’t work with a larger sized screen (because of the parrallax method they are using?).

Either way, I have always been fascinated by stereo 3D images, and soooo can’t wait for mroe advances in this field.

I am also encouraged that even though this is really groundbreaking technology, its actually reasonably priced (yea, $1500 is alot for a 15" display, but not for brand-spanking new technology).


Go check out

Dynamic Digital Depth is the company who developed the technology. It’s pretty neat. Bunch of my ex-students work there along with a mate who’s the chairman of the company.



So if it has to display everything from two different perspectives, does that mean the vid card has to do twice as much work? Because that would not be as good as they hype it up to be for anything graphics intensive (like games).


I saw this laptop at Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo in March. I don’t know how it works, but it works. You don’t have to cross your eyes or stand in any particular position. It really is like looking into a 3 dimensional image - it’s kinda spooky.


About a year and half ago we were trying to develop something like this using flexable lenses. What we did was a little bit different but the result was the same. Still I think the graphic we have seen in the website here is misleading where you see an object floating in space like star wars. I don’t believe it for one second. Notice you don’t see any " real " pictures of it working like that. The way this works is your cone of vision needs to be within the frame of your monitor and the objects projected will never cross the boarder of the frame of your monitor. That being said, it’s still kinda cool. I think these guys have found a way to control z depth, which is something we failed to do, our objects always came out at the same distance.

Anyway, I’m still not convinved that there is a real practicle application for this other than entertainment. But who knows.


How about 3d applications then? If it works well without goggles it would be a whole lot more intiutive way of working compared to a flat screen. And no strain from having to wear thing like goggles etc.




You classify porn separately fron entertainment? What, is that your industry or something?


Again I’m still not 100 percent sure how sharps technolgy works, But if I got this right. In order for it not to be a mind F**k on your eyes, its best if the object is floating in space and is not extending past the boarders of your monitor. So your porn should be centered at times, which may dissapoint some due to lack of closeups. Again, I could be wrong, I’m just referencing to what we came up with.


hmm sounds a little bit like the 3d displays with D4D or so, that i saw arround 1999 in dresden, germany i think they still exist und