Sharp 4K Touchscreen and Tablet


Saw this announced. Pretty amazing. It is $5,000.00 but considering it is a 10 bit screen 4K resolution and touchscreen capability with Stylus. That may not be that bad of a deal. The biggest issue is that Sharp is going to make these in limited numbers.

No word on when these will be available outside of Japan yet. maybe have to buy on amazon or something similar.


AN expensive, limited market item that costs a lot more than a Cintiq, Who is it for?

(when they say real artists they must mean real artists that work at real big studios)


Wacom don’t currently offer a Cintiq with 4k resolution, so it’s no surprise that this is more expensive. Also look at the production figures - 250 per month. Not only will that have a direct impact on the unit cost, it seems to me they are painfully aware that this is a niche product.


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