shark teething my textures on UVs


I’m having an issue that I can’t seem to be able to solve and everyone I ask is lost too. Above you can see what is happening. I just did a neon color to aid in seeing the issue. I’ve moved my UVs and reUVd and nothing seems to work. I’m open to any and all suggestions for remedies for this issue.


how did you unwrap the uv’s? Max, Maya, etc…?

my advice is to redo the unwrap until you get it right

i have had issues like this before. i am no master of unwrapping, but when i do unwrapping i try to the largest patches as possible.

my current method is cut the seams, Pelt each section, then quick-peel. i then manually scale and rotate if needed.

sometimes i use unwrella. on it’s own or after i do the previous approach. unwrella is excellent for getting the scale correct


I used UVlayout for unwrapping my UVs. I then flattened them to what looked to be optimal according to them and went from there. I will try to get my hands on that plugin and give it a try today. I was also thinking I could retopo my mesh again and hope for the best. Though I’d really prefer not doing it since then I got to REUV again and start painting again. Curious would this issue also cause the program to run slower, due to it being evidence of some other issue?


in your uv layout there is something odd… On the top Middle-right as well as Right-middle there is a small sliver jutting out from the other shapes. (like a sharp point)

is this where your having your issue? could you just go into your uv editor and manually make those shapes more uniform like the others? i.e. just grab the vertex’s

also your uv images looks cropped (left and bottom). not sure if this is just your screen grab or it actually is this way

unwrella is not perfect. i have found it’s good for some things but not all. i get lots of oddities so be cautious.