Shared Compounds Thread (Free & Commercial)


If you share a compound, or know of one that may help other XSI users, please add to this sticky.

Here’s a few to kick it off.

emNewton - Awesome (fast) solver for Newton’s Laws of Gravity

Gerstener Waves - Great way to get simple open-ocean waves (not shoreline).


Vladimir Jankijevic is on a roll at the moment:

gray-scott reaction-diffusion model


(download not approved at time of posting)


there is of course, all the stuff here

just thought I should mention, so everyone knows the repository.


FYI - the softimage community ICE compounds are now on the Autodesk “Area.” Also si-community has quite a few links to compounds, and of course XSIbase is still a go-to location for anything XSI.


Here is my ICE kinematics contribution:
It is a dolly/crane/steady camera rig with lots of features!