Share your shelves!!


placid - do you have maya 4.5? There’s a good NURBS shelf that comes with that…try downloading it off AW.


i dunno what version my teacher has… it’s on his computer. I’m doing it just for fun and so far I’ve learned polygons the HARD way… i still dont’ know everything of course but I get by by just tinkering around with the shelf buttons and everything else in the menus. But I find some buttons more used than others and some good menu buttons NOT in the shelf. But I’ll take your word for it and tinkering around with the current buttons on there.



Hey man…how the hell did you get a hotkey to get into X-ray mode???..Please let me in on that secret because chasing that down through the menu isnt’ fun. (I know how to set custom hotkeys by the way, I just cant get that xray mode one setup)



Hey Abominable,…

This is the string I use as a hotkey in Maya 4.5, prolly the same in 4.0 aswell:

// get last panel that recieved focus
string $panel = getPanel -wf;
// toggle xray mode
modelEditor -e -xray ( !modelEditor -q -xray $panel ) $panel;

Not all of that info is needed but it works :slight_smile:



Works like a charm for the hotkey, big thanks.
Quick icon if anyone wants a shelf button from it


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really good thread. thanks for the shelves.:applause:


Originally posted by Slater

Icons are for: decayLight, lightGirl, MentalRay render globals, rockGen.

So how about those SHELVES people!!

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Hi, i’ve tried downloading the scripts " lightGirl, rockGen." but whenever i install it , i get a syntax error.
After viewing the source it says it’s for Maya 3.0 and 4.0

Do you know where i can get Maya 4.5 versions ?? :slight_smile:

Thanks !!!


Open up the .mel script with wordpad or something and check the spelling of the name of the .mel file compared to what the name of the procedure is called. Ex… lightGirl.mel could have a syntax error when it doesn’t match the procedure name in the script…say…lightgirl, all it takes is an upper case when you need a lower case to bugger it up. Maybe i’m just blowing smoke out my arse, but that may be the problem with the script for ya, im not too sure. Take a look anyway. Hope it somewhat helps. Later.


I dont bother with shelf icons, that bar takes up too much space, i’d rather use marking menus :slight_smile:


Marking menus are great, but nothing’s faster than dropping a mel button on the shelf for later. :wink:


I need to get some marking menus created to get myself organized. My shelves are a mess…or I would share them.:airguitar m


my icons

Look through Selected : : lookThroughSelected modelPanel4;

Material to Photoshop :

Flush Undo :

Delete History :

Hypershade :

Batch Render :

Duplicate Shading Network : : duplicate -upstreamNodes;



few more

planar proj. x-y-z :

UV texture editor :

Snapshot curent view :


Very cool, thanks Kheemo. I can use a few of those, but you last post did not work. Could you try and repost them?


yes something is wrong with them…I tried resaving them in jpg …bmp … let me give it another try :slight_smile:

good it work this time :wink:


A customised editor shelf.
Access in 2 clicks instead of chugging throught the drop downs.



I´d like to share my nurbs-shelves and icons. (someone asked)



You will need the following icons for both shelves:

The last one is just a visual way to organize the icons a bit more. It has the same color as the background… :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,




Originally posted by MayaGuy
Anyone have any good shelf buttons bmp’s they would want to share? All the ones I make are done pretty quick and ugly. Just a thought to add to this post.

tell me what Icon you need…for what function …


tell me what Icon you need…for what function

Mostly just general ones like for the different windows. Like connection editor, graph editor, that kind of stuff. I have alot of buttons I made myself that I need icons for like dulpicating in the different directions by -1. I have some realy bad icons I made for them right now. I am pretty bad at making icons so if anyoe has any tips for making them, or just keep posting good one they made here that would be very cool.