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Heres some of mine:






My setup is simple since I deal mainly in just modeling and texturing.

  1. Poly-modeling (simple poly functions, bevel, split poly,etc.

  2. Texturing (UV layout, projections, face selection)


here’s my set of icons for custom scripts that i use ( which are not included ) and for some standard maya operations which don’t have it’s own icons.

there is also a tempate button so you can make your own if you need some other.
just open template in pshop and put some text or picture…

all icons are with background that match maya’s background so they fit nicely on shelves…



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here’s my shelf :

works great on the xp green theme, if you use a different theme it’s easy to change the background of the icons in ps, also included a psd with the template


My shelf for allowing realtime camera recording and control with a 3D Connexion Device.

Also includes mouse mocap tools etc.



Man I love this thread. I find something new every time. Has anyone done icons for As_skinny and group button?


Does any one have one for a group command?


nottoshabi, try that iconTemplate PSD that rareseu posted. I’ve been using it and it’s really handy!


Ninja Dojo


[QUOTE=onetime]nottoshabi, try that iconTemplate PSD that rareseu posted. I’ve been using it and it’s really handy![/QUOT

Which one? I can not find it. I did a search for his name and I found one that he posted a while back but there was no group icon in there.


ABCshelf v2.5
released on 8/15/11
by Jean Delaunay

for all notes, questions or
requests, you can send me an email at this address :

/!\ tested and optimized for Maya 2012 x64 on Win7 and OSX /!\

This shelf is a compilation of scripts and tools I’ve found online,
that friends made and others that I made.


BONUS: You get my STEREOREOshelf beta !
Don’t hesitate to add stuff and to tell me about it.


Ninja Speed Box is a context sensitive tool box that changes when you are in different modes.
The modes are: No selection, single object, Multiple Objects, vertex, edge, and face.

The different modes contain functions mostly used in that mode.
When you only have faces selected it will change to face mode.
When you only have vertices selected it will change to vertex mode… etc.

you can also add your own buttons to each context shelf



some free handy tools in a compact ui for maya.
Animation re-timing, offsetting and reversing, key scaling and custom selection sets.

More info here.

shelf icon button is included as image on creativecrash (right-click save as) :slight_smile:

cheers guys!


Hi. Remind please how I can transfer the tool necessary to me on a shelf? What buttons should be clamped? :shrug:
Earlier did, and now I can not remember in any way that pressed.


holding shift+ctrl and lmb with add a tool to the current shelf.


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lifechanging stuff, thx a lot!

i am just beginning to model in maya but shall chip in - MultiCut tool and holding Left Shift + Control cuts geometry detects and snaps to midpoints.