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Check your Maya.env to see if PYTHONPATH exists. If not, put this line in:
PYTHONPATH=C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2009\scripts

Maya.env is in
C:\Documents and Settings[i]User[/i]\My Documents\maya\2009


Im about ready to give up on that wonderful program…
My Maya Env is =
MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH=C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2009\scripts

PYTHONPATH=C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2009\scripts

Still wont let me run it. Im typing the script in python tab too so it should be fine. Correct me if im wrong but shouldnt the maya script be under scripts\JC folder?


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Hope no one have posted this…

maya can do calculation in the channel boxes. Just a little awkward way of typing it.
func., = ,nr

so, if you want to add 90 to any nr in the channelbox type :


if you want to reverse a curve. select the curve and in the valuebox in the graph editor type:


hope that’s useful!


Thanks for that! LW has a similar function, but diff. syntax. I thought Maya didn’t have it.


very good///////////


eg: UVing after rigging the character

Just make a duplicate of the rigged mesh , preferably before you rig the character
Lay out the uv’s on the duplicated mesh

after rigging the character , plug the last piece of history (of the copied mesh)(the last node before it goes into the shapeNode) into the first meshshape in the “hierarchy” (hypergraph) (normally called something like “meshShapeOriginal” , if the rigged mesh is called “mesh”) output or outmesh --> inmesh

and then break that connection again.
Your mesh will be updated and no history will be added to your rig

I normally use this method for mesh changes aswell , if you add new points to the mesh , those points will just have to be added to the skincluster.

NB!: This is not undoable! Save your scene beforehand!


really? whats the syntax in LW?


Good idea Derik. Thanks for shearing.


Me too…i’m also modeling like this way…


hi everyone…

do you know how to bevel the poligons that are created from adobe illustrator to maya…

i know in the option box in the create from illustrator, it do mention but i want to create first the polygon into maya and then alter(edit) it before i want to bevel it…

but the problem is, i cant bevel the object…

can you help me…



I used the mia_round_corner shader for beveling my ai geometry. Use a mia_material_x and plug the node in the overall bump slot.


I have shelves and shelves of custom scripts.
Secret Weapon: Spending ages in Photoshop creating 32x32 fun pixel icons for them!
flushUndo: toilet
Xray mode: Xray specs
Freeze Transform: Glacier



secret weapon :

Have you ever tried to select multiple objects, and to change one of their attributes, for example to switch their primary visibility off ? Maya changes it for the last selected object, not for the others.
When you have 1000 objects in your scene, it becomes quite painful, you spend several days making the same mouse clicks over and over again…

And when you’re finished, a friend of yours tells you about the attribute spread sheet.
But it’s already too late !


hah, yeah, i know the feeling

didn’t know this but you can hold down q, w, e, and r and hold left mouse click and it brings up the menu for that tool

makes it a lot quicker to switch between local and global move modes


Selecting a face/egde/vertex and then shift+double-click-select an adjacent face/edge/vertex is as “handy as a bag of hammers!” :wip:


modeling Polygon:
select vertex then prees “c” and MMB slide on edge…
Killer for topology.


the almighty resetRotation, resetTransform, and multiUndo shortcuts. custom scripts they may be, but dang. not a single day goes by where i dont use them.


I like occlusion Pass in Maya because it help us showcase all the details we worked on an spent serious time on.


Maya 2009: set the tool to “move tool” and in component mode, hold down the tilde key “`” key , brings you in to tweak mode where you can rapidly adjust vertex position. such a time saver when doing small tweaks