Share your Macros and Layouts


In the command line.


I think there should be a very useful script to toggle layout. I wrice in C, but don’t know perl. I tried to write it, but I what would be the request for Modo to check what’s the current layout?

I just want to create a layout with only 1 3d viewport, like clicking tab in photoshop.
Or maybe there’s a better way to do it?


h4sh: Well, just like in LW just place your mouse cursor over a viewport and press 0 in the numpad.



You can try this:

Simply just create your custom layouts, and save them. Then after you switch to another layout, open the Command History, and assign a key to “restore layout blabla …”. You can map every layout to a hotkey. I think its useful this way.


On the command line. Generally what you’ll do is die X, Y and Z alignment to seperate keys of buttons.


I mapped this scipt to a button. I then select 4 points and hit the button, nothinig happens (me thinks) So when I look at the command history and select the script that was just produced and look at the “Fired names and Aruguments” I get “@”/Users/home/documents/modoScripts/" Is this where you are suppose to edit?

My command line under all of this is blank untill I select something from the history.

Sorry, but I am lost. (slap me please) :wip:


Super simple script, but oddly useful…

This is part of a larger script that I’ve been working on, it selects all of the active layers that you have.

#Select all active layers script
#Dion Burgoyne, Luxology LLC

@activelayer = lxq(“query layerservice layers ? all”);

 foreach $layer (@activelayer)
         lx("select.layer [$layer+1] add");


If you’d like to remove the join vertices pop-up requester for faster joining, adding “set” (" included) to the vert.join command does just that…


anyone figure out a way to do an incrimental save like in lightwave? im not a programmer so i dont have any idea how to do it…


thanks, but i was thinking of toggle. you know just 1 key to switch layouts. very useful.

pressing 0 is not gonna work on 3d viewport. I wonder why. I want the FULL screen to be covered with the viewport, no menus at all.


Just build your layout with the “fullscreen” 3D Viewport & whatever other customizations you want, save it as a uniquely named layout ie: 3dFull - and then map the following command to a key layout.restore “3dFull” no asterisks and use the name you gave the layout. Unless I’m not quite grasping the whole of your issue - I read the whole thread a while ago, but don’t remember the exact issue you were wanting to resolve, but hopefully that’ll help.


Thats’ exactly what i want, but I need the toggle for it. So just like there is a script in Modod to toggle between wiref and no wire. I want to press a button once and the viewport would maximise. I want to press the same button again and it would come back to normal. It would work if I could map something like 'restore previous layout". I “previous” is not implemented in modo, then I need a script that:

-checks current layout,
-saves it to variable,
-if current layout=modo restore viewport fullscreen; else restore viewport modo

so, all the scripting people, how do I check the current layout in perl?


Is there a way to pass a filename with the or scene.saveAs to create an automatic save of a new file created by a script?



Well i am very interested in the ways to modeling in modo and the workflow.

Is there any macro to do this?
I want to create a polygon and create other with the same vertices only pointer over one of the vertices

ihope the images show this better than my words;)

thanks to everybody and excuse my bad english

pd its a great tutoby poly by poly modelling

 Hi, I may not understand your question well, this is a simple macro of extend the vertices, ideal for point by point modeling. Btw, why not just select the edges then press “z”?     

With the desire vertices selected, apply the macro below:

select.convert “edge”
tool.set “edge.extend” “on”
select.convert “vertex”
select.type “edge”
select.drop “edge”
select.type “vertex”
tool.set “xfrm.move” “on”



Fun little macro

select.editSet “TEMP_IGNOREME” “add”
poly.convert “face” “subpatch” 1
select.useSet “TEMP_IGNOREME” “select”
select.editSet “TEMP_IGNOREME” “remove”

What it allows you to do is swap back and forth between subdivisions and normal poly’s without having to drop your current selection. :smiley:


looks like you liked my idea, dion ;]


ok, so
we’re sharing layouts here right?

I’m attaching a screen grab of what works best for me. Just 1 big modeling view, and 2 smaller for tracing from background pictures. When I don’t need them I press 0 to switch to 1 huge view. The window nr 2 replaces modo’s usual menu, but this one is portable, and it’s usually off. I call it hitting ctrl-2. when I hit ctrl-1 the modo tools pop over. It’s pretty much useless for me, but If i dont’ remember a shortcut I just go there. ctrl 3- is a vertex/poly/edge pop over- useful when converting selections.

I operate pretty much on shortcuts only. I added a command ctrl-alt-c - making a cube and alt-m - merge vertexes. These were the only reason I used “modo tools” for ;]

I also assigned wireframe toggle to `.
I switch between layers alt-1, 2 , 3 etc, unless I’m trying to select both, or make a background. Instead of quit for ctrl-q (i dont need a shortcut for quit!) I assigned smartquad.

tab is replaced with Dion’s script “toggle modes with selection”.

I find this layout highly functional. I don’t have any crap distracting me from work, and If I want I can still get to any menu in no time.

There’s one more cool possibility I was concidering-to switch the whole menu 1 and 2 views on the left. then I could hide-show menu by pressing 0.



THe layout i use is pretty simple. i have all the poly/edge/vert menus layed out to ctrl+shift+ a/s/d/f ( f for the mesh menu ) and it seems to work fast. i sitll havent gotten all my shortcut keys figured out much, i just got my int organized how i like it so they are next in line.

as bananapunk suggested im going to make prim cube a hotkey becuase i seem to use alot of them :slight_smile:

i also plan on getting all my modo shortcuts setup with my nostromo n52 to make modeling even faster than before :slight_smile:


Hi, I think my macro will be strange to most people, but I don’t really like working with edges, it probably comes from working with lightwave. Anway, I have no idea how to make scripts with perl so after some cunning thinking I came up with these

this one is called poly.lxm

select.type “polygon”
cmds.mapKey “space” “@point.lxm

and this is called point.lxm

select.type “vertex”
cmds.mapKey 'space" “@poly.lxm

and you have to put them both in your modo dir and link one of them to space

hehehe, I think this is very hacky :slight_smile: If someone could help me put the same functionality into a script it would be very helpfull. I know I should beable to modify one of the existing scripts, such as wireframe toggle, but I just cant figure it out.

actually its not very good at all, I think I can fix it but not tonight.