Share your Macros and Layouts


Thanks! Not quite it but it’s interesting none the less. :slight_smile:



Hey i3du3d that’s cool.

I have two questions for you.

  1. How did you map that menus to your mouse button (i’ve only been able to do it to keys)
  2. What do you use in place of the normal RMB functions i.e. front face lasso selecting and adjusting tool falloffs?


Here a couple of pie menus and popovers i made to pop up workflow speed.

Add them by going into your Menus->File->Config Import-> (select the files, you can even select and imprt both at the same time!)

Then, in your Form Editor(F3), you’ll see two new forms at the bottom, and you can drag them into the Pie Menus category.

To assign them to keys, go to your Key Editor(F2), and pick Commands, then, in the pop-up menu, pick Popover Forms. You’ll see Pie Menus halfway down, expand it, then double click on the menu that you want to assign a key to.


Would be hard to make something likeKO_pointfit in LW ? For me that is one of my most used plugins in LW. Couldn’t find anything like it in Modo. Basically the flat projection alone is worth it !!


inspired on lw, but still modo…


There is a shrink wrap tool coming with the next version of modo.


mmmm spoilers, spoilers,


I’m a real newbie at macro’s and scripting but maybe someone else finds this usefull.

Here’s a little something I cooked up because I switch between “smooth shaded/subpatch/no wireframe” and “flat shaded/poly/wireframe” a lot. So this macro toggles between the two.

I hope the autors don’t mind but embedded 2 other scripts to make it work, so you have to download these 2 from vertexmonkey to make it work:
Michael Scaramozzino’s to prevent the “no viewport selected” error message:
and seneca’s bacause I don’t know how to toggle between wire and no wire with a macro :

so here’s it is :

poly.convert “face” “subpatch” [1]
viewport.3dView smoothing:"-1"

save as .LXM and adjust the path’s to where you put the 2 scripts.


fairly simple script, it enables both the Move Pivot Tool and Geometry snap. If you press your bound key again it will disable both.

i’ve bound this to my INSERT key. (like in maya)

  #Name: MovePivotWithGeometrySnap
  #Version: 1.0
 #Author: Stefan Verbakel
  my $movePivot = lxq("tool.set pivot.move ?");
  if ($movePivot=="off"){
  	lx("tool.set snap.element on");
  	lx("tool.set pivot.move on")
  	lx("tool.set snap.element off");
  	lx("tool.set pivot.move off")


@LunchBox Thank you so much! This script ist exactly I’ve looking for.


hi fellowes 2 questions plz :shrug:

how do i get the 4 demintoins on modo as iam working like the one below i mean how to make the 4 demintions appear at once ?

what you mean by script here ?

easy questions :blush:



thx fellows for all those helpful scripts ! :thumbsup:
i am learning as fast as possible an hope 
to post my first modo scripts soon. :)



I had asked this over @ luxology, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask here as well…

I’ve been trying to figure out how to add a newTab under the render properties…myGoal is to setUp a preset botton ( two actually ) for my lowTest renders and my high outPut ones…

for example…right now I run back and forth setting all the paramaters back to defaults or below defaults for my test renders…when I think I like what I see I have to go back and set every up high again for a highRez test render…granted it doesn’t take that long to do…but I think it would be cool to have a custom botton that does this when I click it…which automatically does this for me (frameSize, rayBounces, samples…etc…)…does that make anySense?..can anyOne help me out?..I’m pretty sure it can be done in Modo…:slight_smile:


I need a script exactly just like the add points in Lightwave. Slicing with the slice tool is like the knife tool in Lightwave and adding knots with the patch tool in modo is not the same as adding points in the clicked area with Lightwaves add points button. Thanks

P.S :slight_smile:


Where’s a good place to go for tutorials on interface and basic poly operations in modo?


Have you tried vertexmonkey?



Any other places for video and written tutorials on how to use it? A project based tutorial would be nice.


vertexmonkey dead? :frowning:


wow this area seems to be pretty abandoned… there are so many great scripts out there for modo 501. here a short list of my preferred free scripts, feel free to add the missing ones:

moto for modo ->
senecas’s scripts (updated for 501) ->
VR tools ->
etérea uv tools ->




I’m a huge fan of PipeLineIO (Finally cage baking for modo…sort of…using xNormal)

Vertex Normal toolkit (Finally a decent way of doing edge smoothing)