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Wow. Still amazes me to be surprised by max after 7 years…This one sounds really neat, I just can´t quite see how you´d do that…do you record different track separately? or just X/Y simultanously? Can you also record rotation?
I´m just gonna give it a try next time I have some space, but I´d still be interested in your workflow for that


Hey guys, tell me a secret how do you do a modelling in 3ds max from zero? I need it to speed up my modeling which is required for my current company. (You can an advice or workflow)

Any answers would be appreciated,
Thank you


Not sure if this has been mentioned (I would scan all 50 pages if I had time!): Periodically apply a quick turbosmooth modifier to your mesh to show up any bad welds. I haven’t modeled in tri’s for years so can’t vouch for its effectiveness when using them, but when modeling in quads -any bad welds can be easily spotted by the turbosmooth artifacts they create:

Also: Once you have a program (Max/Photoshop etc) customized/configured just the way you like it, create a ‘blank document’ save on your desktop and use that to start each project.


Thought i’d take a look at the Max Forum for the first time. This was the first one i picked - "Share your favorite tips. . . " with Alfred DeFlaminis’ tips on Particle Flow. I have struggled with PF for years, newbie medical illustrator wishing to be expert in particle (and fluid) flow. THIS IS HELPFUL. THANK YOU.


Customize your shortcut keys around W,A,S,D,!!

The default shortcut keys could have been designed by a robot. Some of the most regularly used shortcuts require holding down 3 or more keys…this is pure madness.

By utilizing the skills acquired through years of PC gaming (ie using the WASD keys), I’ve radically increased my work-rate by basing my shortcuts around these. I’ll provide a list of the shortcuts I use for modelling -animators will require a different set, but the important thing is to bunch your most regularly used shortcuts around W,A,S,D, ie:

Q: Toggle Constraints
W: Select & Move
E: Target Weld
R: Clone
T: Zoom Extents
Y: Zoom Extents All
U: Turbosmooth
P: Display Edge Faces Toggle
A: Rotate Camera
S: Toggle Wireframe
D: Select Object
F: Loop
G: Swift Loop
H: Align Swift Loop
J: Unwrap UVW
K: Hide Grid (a little controversial, but its really not used that often so its been bumped from ‘H’)
L: Smart Stitch (Useful little script used for Unwrapping: via this tut/guy on YouTube: “Unwrap Special - Full guide to efficient and fast UV Mapping - 3Ds Max 2017”)
Z: Chamfer Options
X: Toggle See-through
C: Cut
V: Slice Plane
B: Slice
N: Toggle Backfacing
M: Material Editor
¬: Next Modifier
8: Previous Modifier
Space Bar: Pan View

F2: Perspective
F3: Front
F4: Back

-I really can’t overstate how much this relatively simple change has increased my efficiency. Admittedly it takes a couple days to get used to (and a few sticky notes on your monitor), but the benefits are absolutely worth it. And for any rookies who are reading this, the difference between using these shortcuts and using the mouse is like night and day…

[This ergonomic oversight by Autodesk may have been rectified in more recent releases -but its definitely an issue for 2014 and earlier]


Have you ever wonder how to batch render 2D viewports?
There is an option in camera modify panel called “Orthographic Projection” can help you doing this.


3ds max


When you’re creating a geometry object that has a Radius property like Sphere, Cylinder, Torus, Teapot, Tube,etc… clicking the CTRL key while creating it allows you to rotate the object before the creation is done. Now for other objects like planes, Box, etc,… clicking the CTRL key will allow you to create the object from the center with equal sides.


3ds Max is a vast and complicated piece of software. Here we take a look at the top 8 interface secrets to help speed up your workflow…

Repeat last quad menu command

Numerical expression evaluator

Moving rollouts in the command panel

Configure modifier sets

Floating toolbars

Safe frames

Show statistics

The search feature

For More details visit:



This video can boost your rendering quality and speed.