share my 2,4,6 legs rigs


share my 2,4,6 legs rigs
i just want to share my rigs
2legs, 4legs and 6legs
there’s already an actions in it, a basic walk, run, etc

download at:

u can see the animation on :
or download at :

hope will help, and usefull…



hey thatz is cool:thumbsup:

but where are the textures :sad:

the post is edited okay!!!

> oh i find it …not packed with the blend file


These rigs look nice, I’ll check em out one of these days.



[/b] This is an impressive rig and animation. Did you key the motion or is It MoCap/BVH?


gaurav :
the textures are on the zip files, sorry not to packed it up first…

room :
it’s a manual key animation…

thank’s a lot


Wow! You’ve got a good eye for movement. How did you learn to do that?

I’m still trying to reverse engineer your rig to understand what you did. Have you made any tutorials on how you built this rig and how you go about your creating the character movements. It looks so natural!


Amazing rigs and animations! Thank you very much for releasing these rigs to the blender community. Now I will be spending even more time in Blender :slight_smile:



These rigs are brilliant! You solved the shoulder issue I’ve been having for ages quite nicely. What made you think with using IK to target elbows instead of the Track To constraint? The only complaint I have for the 2-leg rig is that it’s too difficult for the character to pivot from the ball of their feet. It’d be a simple thing to add, though.

It might be nice for you to do a video of your animation workflow in Blender. The controls present are connected in a different manner from most of the rigs I’ve seen, so I’m curious to see how you work when setting keyframes.

What made you do Shinobi as opposed to other characters? (Great modeling too, although there are a number of spots where you could save polys if your target is a game engine.)



I first saw this type of rigging at and by Nozzy. This was pre- Orange Project which gave us even more controls.


Thanks a lot for sharing the rigs.



thanks a lot for sharing the rigs and most important - actions!

i may not use the rigs but i have had trouble to animate those actions.
Now i can learn and use your animations as references.



Thanks, this is very generous! There cannot be enough good rigs, and yours came with cool models too!


Hey, I just wanted to tell you thanks for these rigs, models and animations. I was wondering, if these models were made for a project.

Anyway, Excellent work.


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