Shape animation back to lw...HOW?


Has anyone managed to get shapes back into lw, i.e., the animation plotted in MB back to lw for lip sync/facial animation??



One thing I found that is helpful is just select the root of the character (something like _fbx_root), right click and select "select branch. Plot all animation. Then save selection to a new FBX to merge with LW.


Tried it until 4 am… no luck.
This thing sure is picky.

Which plot do you use? On which panel???



But I can relate…

These are the steps that worked for me.

For one character select the “_fbx_root” from the scene browser (this works). For more than one character (this is untested), select the “scene” node. Then right click and select “select branch”. This may take some time if there are a lot of bones, etc.

After this, your mesh and everything in your character should be highlighted.

I usually go to the key control window and “plot all animation”, however there are several places where you can do this. All work as far as I know.

With everything still selected and plotted, go to File>Save Selection, and leave everything checked in the save window. Give a new name for the FBX file.

Load your corresponding LW scene with your character(s) in it. If you haven’t added your morph mixer plugin to the character to blend shapes for faces, do so now. People have said that you need to do this first, but I found it made no difference. Then “Merge with FBX”.

That should work. If it still doesn’t, you could email me the original FBX and LW scene (if you can) and I could take a look for you.


What are your endos named?? I seem, now, to be able to get the eyes back in. Can they not be in the nested format, e.g.,

Yup, just getting the eyes back in. Head.mouth.pucker would be an example of another that isn’t working. is working, however.

Odd. Gosh, I’m obsessive!!


I’ve just named my endos stuff like Smile, Frown, Blink, Brow Up, etc…

Maybe the dot notation you are using is causing problems. Have you tried underscores?


That’ll be what I try today. :shrug:

The works, though, so I am still puzzled that it won’t work for me.

Oh well, sluggin’ away!


I’m guessing that the FBX plugin does not know how to handle the dot or colon notation for Endomorphs. At least that is what I’ve experienced. If I name my morphs without the notation then everything seems to come back in fine. It would also seem to be just a problem with the Merge FBX portion of the plugin as they seem to go over to MB just fine. Everything works as expected in MB until you try to merge back into your Lightwave scene.

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Ding ding ding ding ding…

Got it!!

Have to accept big names. Dunno whose code is playing poorly but I’m gonna go a lookin’.

Thanks for helping me think that through.


A minor bug, that should be easy to squash.


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