Shaolin 2.0, Norbert Fuchs (3D)


Title: Shaolin 2.0
Name: Norbert Fuchs
Country: Hungary
Software: 3ds Max, Finalrender, Photoshop


Here is a character I “finished” recently. (I’m never satisfied with my images, maybe just for 2-3 days).
The Shaolin warrior monk. I promised last year (after I created a monk that you can see on my webpage in the 2003 section) that the next one will look better. I think this does.
This was my second attempt to create some realistic character. I’ve worked 11-12 days on it…now I want to feel the summer, so let’s call it finished.
The next one will look better…I promise :wink:


ohh ! really good work ,keep up the good work :thumbsup:


Great character and render. I think you captured mood of old shaolin movies very well - at least this image made me remember them. Superb work!


Thank you guys! I’m happy you like it. :slight_smile:


I like it. Well done.


great job!
model is very good !
I like the powerful gesture!


Kck ass man. Right on for the nice gesture and placing him in an environment.
Badass pose dude.



Thank you very much guys! :slight_smile:
Yep, that is one of my favourite stance he is performing on the pic.


Wip render. Standrad scanline, default light.


Ahh!!! you beat me to it, I was going to model Gordon Liu as the Master Killer, your background is pretty dope, I was debating if I was going to model my sifu because he’s from shaolin too but he’s more laid back than aggressive like the other ones I’ve met, but there all cool


you know whats realy cool when i compare the top pic with the bottom i cant connect the two.There are so many praportional mis-haps witht his model, yet when i look at the top photo i would never have known that . i realy think the pose that you set him in worked realy great.He kinda looks like Shi gu lan.


Yes…I have much to learn about human proportions and anatomy…but learning all this will be fun :slight_smile:
Thank you for your comment!


:thumbsup: nice work congratulations !


question: did you use reactor for the material or did you model all those wrinkles? :slight_smile:


The face is quite rigid, but the pose and lighting is fantastic. A well done piece.


it is a cloth simulator???..good work:buttrock:


his face is a little too soft and his eyebrows look tweezed. and the pose isn’t original (copied from photograph). i think his expression on the pose is too sly and stealthy for a shaolin monk; it should be more forceful, like a tiger.


Good morning!

The cloth is modeled around his body after I rigged and positioned him. (I don’t realy like cloth simulation when I’m working on a picture only. It is good for anim but it needs a good hardware too :wise: :slight_smile: )

Thank you for your comments! And four stars again…I’m just sitting and…:smiley:


Here is a scanline render without maps:


nahyo: Thanks for your comment!
I know…a lot of things could be improved on it. But I won’t touch it anymore. The next one will be better. :slight_smile: (btw compare this and the one I made last year…I promised then that the next one will be better…I think this one is realy better :slight_smile:
About the pose: yes, it is not original. It is a Shaolin gongfu stance. I found a photo about a monk performing this. And I saw and performed several times as well (I practice Shaolin gongfu in my spare time).