Shanna, Sean Ellery (2D)


Title: Shanna
Name: Sean Ellery
Country: Australia
Software: Photoshop

Pencils by Jay Anacleto

Got paid to do this one (yay me…) so expect to see it as a poster/print at various cons over the next year or so (but not SDCC apparently as they aren`t going…)

No inks!! - it was extremely tricky to get the hang of colouring a heavily shaded pencil drawing but after some advice from Nei and Steve Firchow I worked out that it was easiest to just let the pencils do the shading and form the picture as it were rather than have to do so through the colours. Still I would have liked to get rid of more of the grays in the shades but doing just made her look too orange overall… so better to leave it as is…



Interesting style. It’s like a mix between texturing and shading …
Good work.


It’s gonna be a nice poster , for sure ! :wink:


Great work!


hmmm… not sure about that right arm mate, but good work anyway. :slight_smile:


Beautiful work; I love the white hair. I kind of like the veins on the hands and right bicep.


I love the feel this has, definitely will make an awesome poster.

How did coloring over the rendered pencils differ from your usual method of coloring? I’m drawing a book for an independent publisher and I think this is the look the AD and the writer wanted to go with, any help is appreciated!


it was probably about the same to colour but I could use the pencils shading to add to and direct the lighting and the overall tone of the picture


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