Shameless plug for MotionMuse - a simple to use 3D character animation tool


Whishing everyone a happy new year and best wishes for 2022!

New trailer for MotionMuse:


After cooking for sometime, MotionMuse finally started to give off Steam! Coming to Steam on 17th Feb 2022!

Store page:



MotionMuse is now available on Steam:



MotionMuse Version 1.0.2 now available:

This update brings the feedback system to MotionMuse, a “Rate” button is available at the right had corner of the application in which the user can rate, send feedback, report bugs, and request features directly from the application.


MotionMuse Version 1.0.3 now available.

Version 1.0.3 brings GLTF support to MotionMuse, the user can now import GLTF/GLB files, with other formats coming later. There is no support for GLTF export yet, as we will be adding export support for other formats in the future. This update also brings user requested features such as soft selection and import scaling support for characters that are too small.

Full change log :


MotionMuse Version 1.0.4, HotFix for GLTF/GLB is now available

Version 1.0.4 is mostly a hotfix for version 1.0.3, and fixes most import problems with GLTF/GLB files. Some problems may still persist as the GLTF standard supports various types of extensions (especially textures and materials) which may not show up/export correctly. We are still working on these issues are will fix them in the upcoming releases.


MotionMuse version 1.0.5 with VRM import and renderer updates is now available at Steam. Version 1.0.5 overhauls the renderer and adds import support for VRM files. This includes inverting the z-axis (i.e. importing in the left handed coordinate system). Most VRM characters are also unshaded, so the renderer now supports unshaded meshes. Order independent rendering is also being implemented (WIP) to properly handle translucent/transparent materials. Export support for these materials/VRM files is currently spotty, we are working on fixing these issues. There are also a lot of under the hood changes in this release such as better textures, faster loading times for longer animations etc, with the full change log available at: