Shame on you Iron Maiden


For me (and for many others im sure) the covers of the old Iron maiden albums were fabulous piece of art and a good inspiration now that dereck Riggs is no more the artist behind theses creations the quality is not the same, their last album was good(brave new world)

But look at the worst maiden cover ever…its for the new album release date is in september!!!

How a major band like Maiden can do this… someone have to do something


Major Band???

I hear they’ve been playing half filled bars for the last 10 years. The art was the band, and this is about what I expected.



That sucks so much!



OMG that cover is AWFUL!!! :thumbsdow

I would definitely say that Maiden is without a doubt the greatest and most influential of the NWOBHM bands :smiley: Sure their ability to fill stadiums may have waned somewhat, but they still have huge shows that dwarf many contemporary acts (just look at Rock In Rio).


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vomits all over computer


I know its surely impossible to make somthing about that cover…they surely begin the production in high number but i would be cool to do something maybe some complaints can do something before its too late!!!


HaHa HA! That’s the most awesome cover ever!!!



I’ll take Number of the Beast any day!:wink:


playing half filled clubs? maybe in the US, but they’re still huge internationally.


Really, one of my buds went and saw them in the UK a year or two ago and he had laughable pictures of this big elaborate stage set up at a little club and about 20 people there talking while they played… no fans but him and his buddy.


mabey its a joke???
who kknows but if its not they arent selling more that 3 records!


The baby on the dog is my favourite.

I just finished watching FUBAR, so I can really appreciate the quality of this album artwork.




In other Iron Maiden news, the drummer assaulted someone with a car:


Iron Maiden’s album “artwork” is a much worse crime than assaulting someone with a car.


:drool: (Add x-eyes, turn to frown, color face green)

The horrible thing is that I could have even used Poser and made something better than that in one day. I would have only charged $20 too… :sad:


OMG! The baby standing in the side of the dog - no wait, the deformed armpits of the upside-down guy …

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Thanks for the laugh! :thumbsup:


AHAH OMG BARF! IF you thought the CD cover was funny wait till you see this link to their online store OMG!


I’m no iron maiden fan, but even i remember how cool there album covers were, anyway people need to understand 3d is only really good under certain applications, using this as a replacement is not one of them! :shame:


this is the CD art we grew to expect from iron maiden

Now with all that in mind…

How do we transform into… this?


while poser is a pretty cool program, that cover sucks so much ass that i can’t even believe it. it’s just terrible.

what’s with that gimpy looking dog???

wtf… oh well, i’ll stick with megadeth.