Shakti -> A Concept Car Inspired By Female Anatomy, Nitin Khosa/ Nitin Design (3D)


Title: Shakti -> A Concept Car Inspired By Female Anatomy
Name: Nitin Khosa/ Nitin Design
Country: Switzerland
Software: Maya, Photoshop

I was inspired by the curves of the female anatomy and decided to mimic them through the delicate lines on an automobile.
I named the car “Shakti” a term that represents the active, dynamic principles of feminine power.
Shakti (Power) is a one seater high performance concept car. The car is on a display stage so that the imaginary audience can admire the car. Deliberate tread marks have been added on the clean surface of the stage to give it extra presence.
Images 3 is a small quick sketch I did while traveling on train. The sketch basically is what kick started this whole project. I was planing to do a male and female anatomy inspired version but due to lack of time I concentrated just on the female anatomy inspired version.
All comments are welcome. I hope you will enjoy my concept car “Shakti”. Thanks

Edit/Note- Just to clear any confusion. The car is “inspired” by female anatomy but it is still aimed squarely at the red blooded male market. I did not intend it to ba a feminine car. Although females are free to ride it :slight_smile:



This is incredibly detailed and well thought of. Love the sketchs and development. Textures are great, modeling is awesome.

10/10 great work!! :applause: :applause: :applause:



Perhaps your central front design element is a little too inspired by female (ahem) anatomy :smiley: . I really like the design, and I wish specially automakers would actually create something like this. I feel that your windscreen shape contrasts strongly with the flowing design you’ve created. A more streamlined “wrap-around” screen might look more appropriate.

I love the presentation and the clay renders. I’m wanting a lower rear quarter render to see the taillights and rear elements better. The red / orange color scheme is very complimantary to the design. Perhaps a silver paint effect would show off the curves better than the current material you’ve used, which comes across as somewhat lifeless. Render quality suffers (perhaps due to resizing) from some harsh aliasing.

Small crtis aside, I L O V E it. I had hoped to find some desktop sized renders on your site (hint,hint). Congratulations of a spectacular job. I’[d be surprized if this doesn’t make the front page.


that’s a very sweet ride you’ve got there, I am sad to have to ask which bit bits did the breasts inpire? Just joking.

awesome modelling, and I love it in the red. excellent details, I even like the windscreen it has that oldschool I’m driving a speedboat feel. You need to be out in the elements when driving a recreational vehicle that.


OOOooooh this think rocks…very very cool design and realisation…well done mate :smiley:




Nice job, I like the model.


thats 1 of the most intresting cars i ever seen! i love it :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Ah but where is the version in HOT PINK!?! :slight_smile: Nice work!



What about a female figure standing next to it. Man, it will look much HOTTER.

Great work,


Nice one, Nitin.

Just makes me want to slip inside her and take her for a ride … :wink:

First class, original design :thumbsup:



I love it! Just like your wonderful bike, this really shows you are a master designer. And perhaps even more so a master modeler.
I really like almost all of the design. Front fender, and grill area, the very front of the car, seems more angular and masculine, kind of breaks the flow of the rest. I would like to see a more flowing aerodynamic front. Perhaps even no visible fender at all? There’s none at the back. Big flush headlights might look more female as well.

Perhaps a sleek roof might make it more feminine too; right now the huge wheels and open cockpit brings associations to jeeps, beech-buggies and hummers, and even RC cars, which I guess are usually considered typical ‘boytoys’. :slight_smile:

None of the color schemes seem particularly feminine to me, though they are very nice… maybe they’re just a bit too contrasty. How about one all silver, or nearly all pearl-white with some magenta or viridian details?
But in any case, this is wonderful!


Steven Stahlberg I am not worthy :thumbsup:

I just edited my initial post to clear any confusion that I migh have caused.

Edit/Note- Just to clear any confusion. The car is inspired by female anatomy but it is still aimed squarely at the red blooded male market. I did not intend it to ba a feminine car. Although females are free to ride it :slight_smile:

Steven thanks very much for the crit.


Aha, ok, in that case never mind my comments on the ‘feminine’. :slight_smile:
Hm… but I still don’t quite like that vertical drop from the front, down to the fender, and the horisontal bit on the fender and another vertical drop… seems too many right angles next to each other, too complex and rectilinear. I think you could do something nicer there, from what I’ve seen on the Dacoit. :slight_smile: Your original sketch looks better here I think…
It’s only apparent to me from the front views though, the side view looks quite fine. As I mentioned, I really LOVE the rest of the car

Also, again with the color-scheme, I still think it’s too contrasty and ‘busy’, and I agree with Dangeruss that it hides somewhat the beautiful lines you have. How about a dark graphite with a lighter silver, instead of black and white?


Excellent looking car!

When I first saw it, I was thinking it was based off of femine curves, etc…then when someone above said it was maybe too inspired…I looked again, and now I cannot shake the idea that this is a giant, drivable vagina, which is sort’ve frightening :slight_smile:

Still, it’s a very sleek looking car, and I love the blue color scheme.


Very nice design. Sleek, complex, and futuristic. If you didn’t mention anything about female form, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it though–except maybe the hood of the car.


*really amazing piece:thumbsup:…i like the RED one:bounce:


Wonderful modeling and design!


great stuff nitin

it kind of has a pear shaped feel to it …

excellent stuff


Incredible work man, great details… R.E.S.P.E.C.T.:slight_smile:


thats fantastic… i love it. well done. i like the red one thats more attractive.