Shake 2.51 for win7


May be it will help someone. I have corrected its working capacity on win7 with full OpenGL HW acceleration. It works for me perfectly ( corei7-920/geforce-460/win7 ).

Just replace old nrui.dll from Shake root folder with file from archive.



GREAT JOB!!!That’s amazing that you’ve solved it!
But I still have a problem about downloading your nrui.dll ,because I can open the website of , would you plz E-mail this nrui.dll to me?Thanks very much!!
My E-mail:
Sorry for my poor English…


The file is not there any more, where can I find it?

Thank you in advance.



plz leave your e-mail address or email me.I’ll send you this file.:slight_smile:


Hey, thank you very much!

My email address is the following:


hi,have sent the files to your Gmail.plz check it!:wink:


Seen it and grabbed! :wink:

Thanks again :smiley:


We are in desperate need of getting a 2004 .shk file rendered out.

However one of the plugins used is no longer available to buy for v2.51 and tbh we didn’t want to buy it for a one time use.

Long story short, we looked for a keygen or something for TinderBox from The Foundry (for v2.51) and that only provided 10 years of use, which ended earlier this year.

As such we are completely screwed in rendering this .shk out, can anyone help?

Many thanks.



Your PM doesn’t work. Pin me if you need it. (e-mail ?)


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