Shagga Mi-Human/Mi-mutant


I agree no moustache. Overall however it is fine work,real heavy details. Nice hat/cover,great details on it,that’s my fav part.fine job.:beer:


happy new year*

yep the moustache will be removed

he bought the hat in winter sales.this is from The 2002 Limited Edition :cool:



hahahahaha you’re great stuzzi! :cool:


What do I hear about ? A blond girl ? Oh my god Stuzzi you’re not really discret you know :wink:
(Et puis d’abord ca se fait de parler des femmes comme ca stuzzi :D)
About Shagga … Without moustaches please :annoyed:
Will you start a body this time ?



wow :applause:


I am really impressed by your work. BABAS, I am sure you know who I am.
I must say I am very proud of you and that may be one day I’ll be able to do better than you… I Hope.
I’ll send you a mail very soon.

PS: If you want I can help you to do your website , it is up to you


Humm very few people call ma "babass"i have an idea for sure…Although it could be a nice surprised if you’re a gorgeous blond chick :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway thx for you encouragement,i really appreciate that!
see ya


Sorry for that stuzzi but I am not a gorgeous blond.
I have seen your others threads too and your work still have the same quality. RESPECT :bowdown:


please tell us how to…thank you!!


there’s not secret…observation and patience…Then the tool tips are a plus…

thx my lord,your work is good too


Vrey good!


thank you honey :slight_smile:


nice to see an updte on this one !!
awessome modlling skills…
do you have try zbrush ? you should be able in short tiem to come with even greater result as now…

would we see a body for this one soon ?

si tu veux tu peux jetter un coupd d, oeuille sur mon "orange " … pt´et que tu aurais des conseils sur l´anatomie et proportion ? quoi que . je ne cherche pas le realisme… :slight_smile: mais pluto une version styliser comme d´habitude le lien est dans ma signature …merci


Hi dude,

txh!Nice to heard kind words from u
i have an extensive use of Zbrush in production.That allow me to learn this tools,its advantages are non-negligable.I have to say.
Yep i can improve the quality,but rather to gain time production and a workflow facility.

I’m in a period of research.the body will be achieved as soon as my studies will succeed.

Ps:je jeterai un oeil sur l’orange des que possible :wink:


wow…very good work…I really like your style


A very creative portrait! Congratulations from me - it’s very well done in my oppinion. Keep us updated! :thumbsup:


wua!cool,may i know how u model the head.:eek:


Brilliant image…no real critz…FLAWLESS…
btw I prefere it without moustache…


Could we please see a movie of your facial animation for Shagga. (man you dont want an Australian saying that name) Me being one of course. That is what we nickname man gigaloes. They Shag-A-Lot.

I am doing research into displacement map blending for facial Animation and would really appreciate the inspiration. Cheers!



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