Shadows Flickering Octane while Animating


Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue while animating a scene on C4D with Octane.

After exporting my jpg seuquence to AE and rendering it, It seems like the shadows and some parts of the image are flickering kind of like the heat effect we see over the road during a hot summer.

I’m still new to 3D/C4D/Octane, after few researches on google (in vain…), I thought you guys would be able to help me with that.

Octane Settings:

I’m using the AI denoiser on top of that.
min denoiser samples: 120
min denoiser interval: 80



Well the main culprit is your sample count which is way too low. Start at 1,000 (or more) then start reducing it by 100-200 each time until the image looks okay – add more if the problem persists. I tend to run between 500 and 1,000 with denoising on, and that gets pretty clean images most of time.

Truth is, Octane is fast but it isn’t magic: you still need to have a lots of samples to get a clean render.

Also, if the effect looks like some of the polys or poly normals are inverted, try reducing the Ray Epsilon value to 0.001 or 0.01 (I think the default is too low).

Leave the Diffuse, Specular and Scatter values at the default of 16. Reducing them doesn’t seem to speed things up by any noticeable degree and can affect the quality of the final render.

Hope that helps.