Shadowfist - Bigbruiser, Robcamp (2D)


These are some trading card illustrations I made for the Shadowfist game. All Painter 7, Photoshop and a Wacom.

You can find more on my website.


Very nice, love em. Shadowfist, I’m not familiar with that one.


hey - what kind of card game is that anyhow?? wonderful art :love:



Anyway, Shadow is a trading card game, kinda like Magic The Gathering, but it’s like “Hong Kong action films all rolled into one” to paraphrase its description.

Here’s another piece:


SWEET! I love your art! I especially like the first and last!



The first three are definitely my favorites.

well done, :buttrock:


:arteest: thats some yummy stuff …wow

amazing lightning and expressions… me likey !!!


Why did you use photoshop and painter, i am new to the wacom and i was wondering wich parts of your paintings were done in each program.

Simply amazing!!:buttrock:




Great works dude!

But I think I gotta point out, the 1st guy’s muscles - praticularily the shoulders, aren’t quite right. The styrations are running the wrong direction. Very distracting in an otherwise great piece…




wicked works :buttrock:


My two favorite subjects, monkeys -n- robots! Excellent work!


Incredible looking work, I web archived your entire site.:thumbsup: Good stuff!:cool:


wow … speachless


pretty kewl Work , the first one reminds me of one of the kewlest games ever : Kingpin :slight_smile: :beer:


brain storm


Roberto - I love your artwork, just browsed your website too. Great stuff.


robcamp dude somethings wrong with your mind :argh: :banghead:

:smiley: but good work keep it up…


OW you worked on Warlands, for dude your tuts are great…

ps: make more :smiley: