Shades of Dambu, Hugues Giboire (3D)


Title: Shades of Dambu
Name: Hugues Giboire
Country: Canada
Software: Maya, Mudbox, Silo, ZBrush

A portrayal of a Himba girl from Namibia. I took a few liberties with the skin appearance, proportions and jewelry to over emphasize the aspect of those visually striking people.

Most of the work done in Mudbox and rendered in Octane Render.


I really like this. I’m not generally a fan of realistic CG characters but this one really stands out, because unlike most of the human renders we get here, this one actually has some character! I like the expression and angle a lot. It may not be totally realistic, but it has charm and is certainly memorable, and personally I think those are more important, at the end of the day!


It looks just amazing. Great use of colours shades and texture. Thumbs up :slight_smile:


the expression is priceless :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the kind words. As you already have guessed, realism wasn’t exactly where I was heading. I wanted to leave room for a bit of stylization and hopefully emotion. The initial versions were a lot more exaggerated but clashed with the early, more conservative shading and betrayed the final vision. I toned down the proportions but kept every single aspect a bit “more than normal”. Your criticism tells me that I achieved what I was aiming for.

That is a very satisfying feeling.

Here are a few close ups I rendered over the week end.


Stunning work, it’s so incredibly realistic and technically perfect. 5 stars!


Your work is amazing!


Other than the scale of the hair at the end of the dread (Way too small, looks like a paintbrush rather than human hair) this is a fantastic piece that certainly deserves a header spot.

Like Leigh said, memorable and with character :slight_smile:

Cobra 6


Very beautiful and unique character. I love your attention to details!


I love this piece …

There are many things proportionally wrong … but together with the asymmetrical face features and the eyes, I just wanna look at her until she blinks :slight_smile:


This is stunning, the level of detail on the close-ups is really superb :slight_smile:


shader is awesome! I like his accessories.


its cool, i like the facial expression and subject, good work, a really good work


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