I am working on a RF5 simulation.(Milk pouring into a glass)

Softwares Maya 2011 and RF5.

Settings for my render:

IB lighting + GI + Raytrace+ CAUSTICS + MR
di electric for glass
Miss fast simple maya shader for milk with Miss fast L map maya(Light).
2 point lights + spot light.
and that is the result i got, noway close to milk.

I dnt have much knowledge about shaders. infact this is one of my first try. so please guide for creating a good milk shader.



Just to let you know,
I was working on an exploding planet, and it is so close that the settings of HVs size and its texturing was that close to a milk explosion look. The settings have to be just tweaked right. It was that close, I got milk splattering instead -its amazing how tight it has to be sometimes. I used gradients in Lightwave.:wise:


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