Shader batch attribute adjustment


Hello there, I would like to know if there is a way to adjust a whole group of shaders’ attributes, by linking them to a single shader. I’m using only the mia_material x passes shading node and currently the scene has a toilet load full of referenced in shaders, so naturally, sitting and dropping each ones’ attributes to what I need them to be, will take a long time and I want all of them to have the same reflection and refraction settings for this specific scene, which is a monk room filled with ornaments and artefacts, but we will fine tune seperate shaders for the content of the smaller items, but what we want is for all teh wood shaders to be set to the same settings, metal shaders to the same settings, etc.

Maybe even a script for this to select each shader and adjust the attributes?

Sorry, I am pathetic at scripting, thus why I am coming to you guys and girls



Try the attribute spreadsheet editor. It’s under windows > general. You still have to select your shaders you want to be listed there, a quick selection set would help.


I Tried it and it worked perfectly! Thanks!


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