shaded side of material in maxwell render


hi there,

I have a seemingly incredibly easy-to-solve problem in Maxwell render, but unfortunately I cannot seem to solve it in a proper way.

I have a white material - very simple, just a white maxwell material - used to represent a white wall in an architectural model.

the problem is the following:
in my renders, the ‘shady’ side of the material is almost white, and I want to let it look darker while keeping the sunny side white.

I simply do not know how to do this with a maxwell material: if I understand it right, the reflection 90 setting does only affect the colour when looking at the material from an angle - not the difference between the shady / sunny side of the material, if I understand it properly. the problem even seems so simple that I cannot find an answer in the maxwell manual…

I hope someone can take a minute to answer it!



It would be great if you could post your material settings! Perhaps take a screenshot of the material editor.

For a white wall I would normally use a roughness setting of 85 to 90 (100 being ‘lambert’ mode which is often quite ugly and fake looking, with bad shading). I’ll often have a second material layer with the roughness down to 60-ish to add a faint sheen to the paint.



Sounds like you want to adjust the balance between your key and your fill lights.


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