Sex Dove - WIP


Hi, everybody!

I have been a CG-society member for some time now, but never really felt like i had the skill to be posting anything of my work :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway: About 1 year ago I came accross the song “Sex dove” (featured in a commercial here in Norway), and I just got a great idea for a short movie.

I wanted to make it a music video with a story to it, but my skills at that time weren’t good enough to get the result I wanted. My skill level isn’t were I want it yet, but I want to take this idea into life, and try to learn as I go.

Hope you can give me some tips along the way (seeming you people have a lot av knowlage in the field ;))

Story line:
Sad dove drinking in bar, and “she” walks in. They start of flirting and dancing.
(Short, I know, but I won’t bother you people with my whole idea… :stuck_out_tongue: Nothing fancy about it…)


  • Inside Bar
  • Outside bar
  • Stage
  • Entrance


  • Male dove
  • “She”
  • Bar people
  • The Band

(All are some kind of birds…)

I will use this thread as my little “blogg” :wink: Hope someone can help me on, seeming that I’m sort of a noob :stuck_out_tongue:



As you can see, I’m not very good :stuck_out_tongue: Hehe…



Expanded the bar. I think I’m starting to get a hang of this :applause:


It’s so noise because it’s a test render…


your lighting is really good for the scene, but I have to ask, is this supposed to have a “gammy” look to it since you posted this in the Games section?

No real critiques on the enviornment. Everything looks like its off to a good start, just be prepared to do ALOT of tweeking to your lights once you apply textures to the model, as one is never able to completely finalize lighting before you finish the model.

Can’t wait to see it textured


I did? :open_mouth: It’s suppose to be an animation movie :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t know I posted it in games :stuck_out_tongue: (Admin: This is your cue to move my thread) ^^

Other then that: Thanks for the comment ^^ Please take in mine that this is my first real animation, so lights and textures and so on will not be as great as you would expect :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: It seems like I have posted it in the right forum… :stuck_out_tongue:



hmm strange. I came across this thread in the WIP game art and design thread. Must have already been moved. That or I was just browsing the wrong forums. :blush:

Anyways, your texures right now are looking VERY noisy, and in some places distorted (most noticeable in the floor. Are your UV’s layed out well? I’m not sure how well you know textureing, but It seems like a single image is being used to model the entire material. If you know a bit about textureing, I would apply a tileable texture for the basic material, and add a seperate “grundge” or noise pass on it to handle some of the weathering.

Also, now that your scene is lit your roof is looking very bare. Concider modeling out some rafters, roof windows, or support struts so that the celing isn’t so boaring to look at. Be sure to concider atrificial light sorces like celing lights or chandaliers.


Yeah, well I got a long way to go :stuck_out_tongue: The floor is distorted, I noticed now… (My UVW map is distorted.) The render of the scene was sort of a quick one, so that’s why some of the details are so bad.

I also agree with you on the ceiling, I’m considering putting in som flags (populare in some english pubs).

I’m gonna try and make a render with a little more detail tonight (rendering at night, seens I use my computer all the time :P).

Only got one question: What do you mean about this:
“If you know a bit about textureing, I would apply a tileable texture for the basic material, and add a seperate “grundge” or noise pass on it to handle some of the weathering.”

Your right, I don’t know a whole lot about texturing, so maybe you got a tutorial I could read on the subject?

Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:


I now can see what you mean. The floor dosn’t look to good! :arteest: But I’m gonna see what I can do. Thanks for the tip :thumbsup:


nice idea seems very inetersting, try to keep in mind what type of mood your trying to set in the film, isit going to be a sexy, retro, or a family type of bar then you can build your bar based around that with the colour and style you apply try looking at references i’d try to add stylized lamps above the tables don’t know if that’ll work for you but just a suggestion, nice models though keep it up


Thanks for your view and comment ^^ That’s a great tip… Never really thought about a color theme, seeming that I’m just trying to complete an project for once :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Male Showcase
This is the male char before I go into zBrush…


Hi Patrick,
I like your thread. A few questions:

  • Do you have other work to show so that people get an idea of your skills?
  • Do you have a time frame? Do you want to finish it within days/weeks/months or years?
  • Which look are you trying to achieve? Do you have some reference/mood pictures? Do you want it photorealistic or comic style?
  • Do you want to do a storyboard or just jump into it and see where it goes?
  • Are you going to do everything by your own (Story, Anim, Model, Tex, etc)? Do you want people to participate or just give hints?
  • You’ve mentioned you won’t concentrate particularly on modeling and texturing. Where do you want to put emphasis on? Animation? Look? Story? Or a little bit of everything?
  • Which software do you use?

I like the male dove character so far. I’m curious to see it after some Zbrush surgery :wink:
Maybe head a little smaller and neck a little broader…???
The floor looks like it has a mapping error. Try to tessellate it a bit more then it should be fine.
Keep up the good work!

PS: thanks for the reply to my animation
PPS: In your portfolio in the “about” section the link to your website isn’t correct. Think you’ve forgotten “http://” at the beginning.


Wow! That was alot of questions :stuck_out_tongue: Hehe…

  • I don’t really have any other artwork. So my skill level isn’t that good. No reason to stick around :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I have no timeframe. Just doing this on my own free time. But no longer then a few months.
  • I think I’m going for a cartoon look. :slight_smile: But still learning :wink:
  • I started once on a storyboard, but my drawing is kind of crap :stuck_out_tongue: So I stopped. But when I have the enviorments done, I’m gonna see what I can do. (I have to make a storyboard from what I’m capable of producing in 3d.)
  • Yes, I’m a one man show, so far… :slight_smile: But I would love to work together with someone sometime, but I feel like my skill level isn’t there yet. Got another story planned out that I wanna make, that maybe someone could work with me on, but as I said: Gotta get better myself first… :wink:
  • The story is just sort of standard lovestory, taken from the lyrics of the song (gonna upload it asap…), so I’m going to focus on a little bit of everything.
  • The software I’m using is: zBrush, 3d studio max 9 and Photoshop CS3

Thanks alot for your comment! A lot of things for me to think about! :thumbsup:


Ok, ppl, If you could help me, please do: I got stuck in zBrush… I saved my project, but when I re-open it, I can’t get into edit mode on my 3D model? Help please! :cry: (Know it’s a noob question, but I am a noob at this! :stuck_out_tongue: Hehe…)

Edit: Seems like it wasn’t noob question. It’s not possible. I hade to store it as a tool :frowning: So kin of lost an hour of work there :surprised


Her is the song, ppl:
Solo - Sex Dove

(I warn you: It’s addictiv ;))


Click image for a full size view…


A little update, ppl :slight_smile: It seems like I have doubled my staff :wink: It’s now official that both I and my brother, Maxi from Maxi Creations, are working on this short movie from now on.