sewer dwelling monster, Andrei Pervukhin (2D)


Title: sewer dwelling monster
Name: Andrei Pervukhin
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop

I made this image “sewer dwelling monster” for the magazine - " 2DArtist" on . There you can see the tutorial! Drew is not very long. I hope you like it.


BRUTAL!!! (In spanish, AMAZING). Man, your art is not from this galaxy! FIVE STARS! :beer:


Oh~it is so cool and i really like it~!


Awesome piece with a nice concept! Who could ask for more? :wink:


from what planet are you? :smiley:


NICEEEEE, i really love the atmosphere on this one!!! :slight_smile:

keep it up you have some awesome works in your portfolio,


Fantastic! I really really like this atmosphere. It’s sooooo nice! :beer:


That’s one huge sewer system.


I’d say so! What a fckn amazing work you did there! :eek:

Great job! This reminds me the good-o-classical sci-fi-horror novels’ covers! What are awesome. You’ve really caught the mood. The colors and lighting are cheeky! I especially like the monster’s hand in front of us - great play with the depth - and the upper region of the picture… cool mixing of mysterious elements!

Keep it up! :thumbsup:

ps.: oh, and nice palette…


Good work… it’s very detailed, atmosphere fit’s composition perfectly, idea is cool!


This is pretty impressive a winner!


Everyone thanks a lot for comments!


great great work man :thumbsup:


Love your lighting here and the insane amount of detail in the background is fantastic. Great job!


Very cool! I love your use of dramatic rim lighting, and the textural details in your brushwork. Really nice work on the environment too, you’ve created a really evocative backdrop for your creature. Have some time on the front page!


awesome, really shocking, not for minor, but very very great!


Very dramatic and impressive work. Definitely worth front page :slight_smile:

Cobra 6


This image is so well executed.
The brushstrokes are just beautiful.
I think this is AWARD material!
:thumbs up:


Freakin Woah!..Those are some crazy textures. Man…this is some wonderful work!


Everyone thank you very much, I am very happy because you like it!